About The Geref Human Growth Hormone

Active substance: ethyl Sermorelin

Trade names: Geref, Sermorelin, GRF (1-29)


The Geref or sermorelin acetate is a hormone releasing growth hormone (GHRH). From the medical point of view, it is used to stimulate the pituitary gland to increase natural production of growth hormone (HGH), within the limits of the endocrine system capacity. The purpose for which used Geref and similar products is to loosen the body’s aging process, and unlike replace some effects of aging.

The Geref packaging is in two forms: ampules of 0.5 mg or 3 mg blisters, and one ampoule of 2 ml of clorura sodium (table salt and water), or the solved. It is a controlled substance, or a drug that is issued only on prescription.

Bodybuilders and athletes use the Geref for growth and development of muscle tissue thin, through the generation of new muscle cells. Also it reduces adipose tissue by lipolysis (burning fat for energy), increases vitality and energy, but also the strength and adulation. It can accelerate and Curran injury or post surgical cicatrizas.

Other benefits of Geref are to strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve the immune system, increase the production of IGF-1, improve sleep quality, enhance calcium retention, strengthening and mineralize bone tissue, increase protein synthesis.

I think anyone realizes that described above greatly help an athlete or anyone who wants to improve the appearance of the body.

The mode of administration is by subcutaneous (under the skin), and the dose depends on the intended purpose (mass accumulation, thin muscle, lose weight or definition), concomitant use of other anabolic and body composition each individual. The minimum effective dose is 20 to 30 micrograms per kilo body, administered daily at bedtime.

Sermorelin appears that lasts very short life, 3 to 5 minutes. Therefore, many were the administered several times a day and always in combination with a peptide which releases growth hormone such as GHRP-2 and GHRP-7. The two trigger synergistic, having together a greater effect than if they were administered together but at intervals of a few hours between them. For example, Geref and has a value of 2, which concerns the release of growth hormone, and GHRP has the value 5, both administered together mean 2 + 5 = 7; Synergistic means being 2 + 5 = 10 or more.

So to be truly efficient, Geref is always administered together with a GHRP. As I said, a dose of both administered at night before bed, and 1-2 doses during the day.

The most common side effect is irritation in the area where irritation characterized by inflammation, pain and redness in the area injected. Other possible side effects include headaches, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, hyperactivity, drowsiness and rash. But these depend on the sensitivity of each and appear in less than 1% of users.

For a synergistic effect, combine Geref professional bodybuilders anabolic and androgenic steroid.