Tesamorelin is a hormone that can decrease fat in the stomach area, most often for people suffering from HIV. However, it may also be useful for other purposes, like tackling the effects of aging, managing weight, and building muscles.

It seems to work in a similar way to a human growth hormone-releasing factor (GRF). Like an endogenous GRF, it binds and stimulates human GRF receptors, with a similar strength.

GRF is also a hypothalamic peptide. It helps to produce and release endogenous growth hormones, with both anabolic and lipolytic effects, working through pituitary somatotropes to growth hormones.

Research about tesamorelin

Thanks to its role in helping HIV patients, researchers have paid a lot of attention to tesamorelin in scientific literature.

In 2010, Falutz et al analyzed the impact of tesamorelin alongside the HIV treatment antiretroviral therapy (ART). Patients undergoing this treatment who had excess abdominal fat saw a reduction in visceral adipose tissue (VAT) compared to the comparable group who took the placebo treatment.

The effect continued for a prolonged duration, with the body tolerating the substance well and glucose parameters also stabilizing.

An earlier study from Falutz et al also found that HIV patients who were injected with tesamorelin over various weeks and not the placebo injection had less VAT and better lipid profiles after the treatment.

Other researchers have found that tesamorelin help reduce both triglycerides and non-HDL cholesterol in patients with HIV who have lipodystrophy.

Benefits of tesamorelin

Unfortunately, tesamorelin has received minimal exposure outside of this one use case. However, other than the discussed reduction in abdominal fat among HIV infected patients, there are a few other benefits to tesamorelin.

It seems likely to burn fat among other subjects and helps them manage their weight. Tesamorelin is also linked with muscles – it helps build muscles and also aids them in recovery.


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