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Testosterone Cypionate makes my wife Happy. 

t4My wife couldn’t stop getting on my case about having a sex-less marriage.  She confronted me routinely as  though  I was cheating on her, or thought I turned into a homosexual. Research always turns me off, but I started researching finding that there was a correlation between low t and having low sex drive.

I started with a basic injection of test cypionate Within weeks of testosterone treatment, I noticed my sex drive increased dramatically, I was  also included a morning wood! I haven’t had a morning wood since I was 23 years old. Not only did my sex drive improve, but now I sleep like a rock. My gym sessions went from 1 hour two times a week to 1 and then some 3 times a week. Now after my long days of work, I am able to make it to the gym and have sex with my wife later in the night. Thank God for all that help!  Even My buddies notice a change in my wife’s attitude and now are asking me what Im doing.

Jay F, Austin, Texas

Testosterone therapy with out Balls

t2I  put off my double hernia operation so long.  It wasn’t until my lease on my apartment was about to expire and I had to move that I finally went to the Doctor. Surgery is routine so he told me, Outpatient. Well he was right ,after performing the surgery I was out of the hospital that evening meanwhile at Home watching TV, about 3 hours after release,  I suddenly  notice some swelling in the groin area. When I spoke with the hospital surgeon , he assured me that was expected not to be alarmed  and the swelling will go down, so as tired as I was, went to sleep about 10:00pm .  I  Woke up at 5:00 am to some sharp pain down in my groin, then I felt a grapefruit. Yeah you heard me 2 grapefruits. Turning on the lamp in the bathroom I saw the two  grapefruit size cysts where my nuts were.  My second visit to the hospital an emergency ride. When I got to the hospital the doctors quick exam confirmed my balls had no blood circulation for 8 hours and had to be removed.  I was in pain and delirious, But went under the knife again this time for 6 hours. This obvious botched operation from the start.  That was 3 months ago. Needless to say  I was referred to Hollywood Health. The HRT doctor  Placed me on one the standard therapy for a eunuch , only double doses of testosterone. This is changed my life for the better if I could call anything a silver lining it is the testosterone therapy.

D.B., Palo Alto, California

Human Growth Hormone and healing properties in life altering accidents

Otto, at the age 22 sounds like he wouldn’t need HGH therapy, and it is hard finding a doctor that does hrt therapy for someone his age. He has a special situation, he was in a terrible accident. In December 2013. His injuries were so severe The hospital opened him up and removed his spleen. Among other things like placing pig tissue to graft skin where skin was ripped off.  He stayed in trauma for two months being  fed  food and meds IV style while recovering . He contacted our HRT clinic for help mainly because he saw Human Growth Hormone, (HGH) was given during the whole time period he stayed in hospital recovery .  A lot of mainstream medical doctors and Internists are not familiar with HGH, or don’t want to use it because they are not familiar with it. Otto case as in many other patients Human Growth Hormone is one of the best answers for the healing process its healing properties  are tremendous. for skin growth, bone density, Collagen. cartilage, pain and many other aspects in healing after such life altering accidents

Otto, Phoenix, Arizona

Human Growth Hormone and back pain

t3Suffering form back pain for almost 13 years with a confirmed MRI (bulged disc # 5) I have played and went through much pain. Playing Basket ball on many different levels, my whole life I had to deal with this pain since I was 22 years old. Some times miss games or miss 2 months out of the season. When I turned 28-29 years old I started using HGH.  If I wanted to keep playing basketball, Mountain biking and all the sports I played, I had two choices pretty much. The choices were use HGH, or surgery. Since surgery is the last option on many peoples backs, including mine. I opted with there latter, Human Growth Hormone.  Till this day I am happy with the choice. I am now 36 still able to play sports at very high level. So before you take the Back surgery defiantly look into Human Growth Hormone therapy.

John Clark, Los Angeles, California