HGH-Results-Before AfterAre you thinking about growth hormone, but you have no idea what it is or how to use it? Then you came to the right place. Bodytech is a website that reviews various types of hormones and helps you make a smart decision, depending on your specific need.

What will you achieve by using HGH?

Maybe you’ve heard so much about GH that you are increasingly having more doubts? Well here we give a practical and concise review about human growth hormone, commonly called so because its scientific name “somatropin hormone”.


  1. That is growth hormone.
  2. How does the growth hormone work.
  3. Test Embriocarcionoma blood.
  4. Dose.
  5. Timeof use.
  6. When, how and where it is applied.
  7. Growth hormone in combination with anabolic steroids.
  8. Objectives using growth hormone. What is growth hormone?

decline of hgh with ageGrowth hormone (Growth Hormone, GH) is a peptide chain with two internal disulfide bridges formed by 191 amino acids with a molecular weight of 22,000 Da in humans. It is the hormone that stimulates the growth of tissues and organs during childhood and adolescence and remains important throughout life, but the control (start/stop) of this growth is produced by the pituitary gland. It is clear that throughout life, the highest production peaks during adolescence and lower production comes during the senior years.

How does growth hormone work?

Action target organ of GH

It stimulates the differentiation of bone precursor cells to become cartilage chondrocytes (mature cells). Also stimulates mitosis and oseteoblastos activity (increased protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and RNA.)

It increases muscle mass helping amino acid uptake and protein synthesis.

Adipose tissue lipolysis carries out decreasing adiposity. Well in a nutshell it has many features among which are:

  • Helps growth in children, which have growth hormone deficiency and therefore not reach the ideal height, prolonged treatment which define a specific height is recommended.
  • In adults with growth hormone deficiency is, any type obesity, lack of muscle, skin and annexes with dry appearance ect, using it in the age group of 25-80 years, a partial rejuvenation of all target organs is observed that are damaged and / or deteriorated.
  • The use in the elderly cachexia syndrome (poor condition) is a state of extremadesnutrición, muscle atrophy, fatigue, weakness, anorexia in people who are not actively losing weight example treating a person older patient carrier VHI, people recent surgery and / or injured, it is noteworthy that this treatment was approved by the FDA (Food and DrugAdministration). It is the association that makes it illegal, legal worldwide.
  • Use for aesthetic purposes, reduced fat, increased muscle mass ect.

growth hormone regulation in the body

Well after this we have an idea that is, where it occurs and to serving growth hormone, let’s look at how treatment as mentioned substance is handled.

Now I want to use it but I’ve heard so many things that discouraged me, I have more doubts ect?

As I can be sure I am in top condition to use GH?

Here in anabolic nutrition have our own specialized doctor who recommends psychological and organic matter developed a blood test which is called EMBRIOCARCINOMA with which any tumor fraction were discarded in the body so you can be sure to use it. This should make less than 5.

This test really is not expensive and it is quite painless.

What dose do I need for treatment with GH?

A dose of growth hormone varies greatly but there standardizations which are:

  • See children with pediatric endocrinologist.
  • Adults (including elderly people, people with HIV, etc.) is recommended 2 to 4ui (units) daily or double dose every other day. These doses are made according to the formula Ducheine 2ui xc / 10kg weight x week that is such an individual man or woman weighing 80 kilos apply 16 IU per week using 2ui daily or every other day 4ui.

How long is GH used for?

We recommend using at least two months, just so solid and lasting results are obtained, you can use up to 6 months for best results. Where and when the GH is applied?

Growth hormone is a very soft crystal solution, which is applied with insulin syringe in the abdominal area, behind the arm or on the outer side of the quadriceps (thigh), you should know that only applies before going to sleeping or getting many things are said, but really these two times of day are the specific ones that really kicks in and 100% absorption of growth hormone.

 Can I apply it at any time of the day?

These two times, at bedtime or when you wake up, that’s when the hypothalamic hormones are secreted during physiological sleep (there are several stimulating hormone hypothalamic) into action with growth hormone which has an approximate time of short life of 40 min the which is absorbed by the subcutaneous route is metabolized and broken down into several factors combined with other hypothalamic hormones and only then performs its proper operation. This is a brief explanation of how to combine GH sucede.

Is it OK to mix it with some other substance such anabolic steroids?

The medical therapeutic explained that if can be combined for the purposes that will suit the patient either with testosterone and / or Winstrol Depot or any other steroid in the market alone or steroid treatment be supervised by a physician is recommended.

 What effects will I see after using growth hormone?

Whether you’re male or female, a well-crafted treatment of growth hormone will obtain the following results: In a standardized age of 25 to 70 years these are the results from the use of GH.

  •  Burn calories
  •  Define lean muscle.
  •  Increase muscle mass
  •  Regenerate skin tissue, attachments, ect

To say a few also have a study of Dr. Daniel Rudman published in the New England Journal of Medicine the effects of six months over the use of GH. We kindly ask you to read it very interesante.

What brands of GH do you recommend?

Overall all brands are good (see a list of the top brands here) is produced in many countries, the most famous and expensive brands come from Switzerland, Denmark, Italy etc, for it does not mean that the others are bad but are good, here at Bodytech Rejuvenation, we have an extensive range of products growth hormone and promotions – fill the contact form on the right sidebar for a professional consultation. We hope that this small but concise summary helps you in your decision to apply yourself growth hormone, if you have more questions please contact our Doctors.