My hernia operation which went smoothly but I wasn’t released from Hospital because I hadn’t pooped “yet.”
I said to the nurse attending me, why was I still here? She frankly told about the ‘not pooping bit’ clause. Well the problem…and so I told her that if they would just feed me some real food instead of that IV ‘feed’ shit, that I could go soon.
So after, she quietly brought me a cup of vanilla ice cream and and cake which I soon shat out and got released… a little “miracle” thanks to her.
Now my friends after release, I had this strange lump on my hand – sort of like big 1/4’ x 1/8’ high right where the scars where the IVs entered.
I asked The clininc doctor that handles my HRT about this since he is also schooled in Nutritional Biochemistry, so he encouraged the more frequent use of the B vitamins 12,and 6 and some topical Cream of testosterone. Well this didn’t take care of the lump at first. But I noticed interesting effects ,the vitamin b scent leaching out of me kept the mosquitos away.My fading hair color was also coming back.It was about 3 weeks. Still no lump down size, but a fading of the purple scaring around the area. Vitamin injections work well on many different levels . Thanks Hollywood health


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