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There are many reasons behind testosterone deficiency. Once a proper physical and blood test has been performed, your results will be evaluated by a physician which can analyze various hormone levels. The physician will then recommend you to a specific therapy, if needed.

Nonetheless, testosterone therapy is not the only way to solve your “low-t” levels. There are many ways to boost your testosterone levels without therapy such as; working out, cutting back on alcohol, and maintaing a healthy lifestyle.

What are some testosterone therapy solutions?

The most popular products are injections, but there are other alternatives such as creams, gels and oral pills. It still remains that the most efficient therapy is through inter muscular injections. Below, please find an informative list of the most popular testosterone solutions on the market. For additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us by filling the contact form on the sidebar. A specialist will provide an informative consultation at no additional cost.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group found in humans. It is very important to maintain normal levels, where decreasing the amount of testosterone below normal levels may bring symptoms such as lack of strength, fatigue, unstable sleep, lack of libido, etc. But if we maintain or even increase our level, we can get multiple benefits for our body.

l work with perseverance and my lifestyle is not always as healthy as I wish. Here are some of the common factors to consider when building muscle mass. Although we almost always forget testosterone, we need it to increase muscle performance and volume. So we want to dwell on them in this post.

If someone assumes that testosterone is only a male hormone, they are wrong, since women have it as well. But men have a much higher quantity. But we all need it, we can roughly say that testosterone plays an important part in achieving good muscle development, for both men and women.

Effects of testosterone

First we must say that testosterone plays an important role in the growth of fibers, as it will help us get a better muscle quality. Maintaining correct levels of testosterone will help us see ourselves stronger and able to perform better in training.

This hormone will directly affect the power you’ll have the time to train. Maintaining good amounts of it will help us to face training with the force necessary to cause muscles to withstand the different actions that need to be performed.

We must also not forget that correct levels of testosterone help us recover before after workouts, as it will help us make the fibers grow and recompose themselves before the stress of submission to the resistance of the loads that will use for training.

Normally testosterone production has much to do with the genetics of each individual, but if we follow a healthy diet, we can help our body always maintain a good amount of this hormone. You have to consume foods such as fish and meat. If the meat/fish is undercooked it is much better, as it will help us extract the amino acids which get lost in the process of cooking.

Note: Please note that the efficiency of Testosterone treatment is increased significantly when combined with growth hormone therapy.

Testosterone Therapy can Renew your Life, Energy levels and well being

Where to find testosterone?


Have you been fatigued and tired? Your sex drive feels low? Your zest for life just does not seem to be where you want it to be. You keep going to the gym, but the weight does not come off. You’re not able to play with your children like you used to.  You cant understand why this is all happening. The explanation is pretty simple, as we get older our levels of hormones begin to drop, which leads to lower metabolism. But there is a solution, we can help you regain that youth in you, here at H&H Hollywood Longevity center. We offer customized therapies , tailored to each individual patients specific need. We service patients through out the U.S. as well as Internationally.  We offer a array of therapies such Hormone Replacement therapy, injectable Testosterone Replacement Therapy,  prescription testosterone creams and Gels  . We are here to meet your goals within your finances. To be eligible for your first month of  Testosterone therapy for free, please fill out our  Free consultation form or give us a call today at 1-888-510-0698

Here is a list of clinics near you:

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Testosterone and the Aging Process

For millions of men growing older the drop in testosterone has effects on their body. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for fat distribution, sperm production, density of bones as well as sex drive for men. Loss in or all of these areas can be very devastating to men and many seek ways to retain some of these traits. In recent years, studies have shown that men do not have to suffer from decline as they age, if proper precautions are taken. With the help of testosterone therapy a middle aged man can retain all of their strength, sexuality and endurance.

Possibilities of Testosterone Therapy for middle age men

Testosterone Therapy can help sharpen and return some of the traits and characteristics that are found in men that are in their twenties. With this therapy you will be able to dramatically increase the muscle mass present on your body, refresh and sharpen your memory, as well as boost your sexuality and energy levels. This is a very enticing therapy for many men that are reaching their forties are experiencing some drops in performance. Sometime Hypogonadism plays a factor in whether a man experiences a drop in performance or not.  Hypogonadism is a medical condition where a man’s testes stop producing testosterone. In this case testosterone replacement therapy may be the only option for returning testosterone levels to their height. Doctors may  prescribe  our patients with different Injectable, creams and gel options to tackle this problem head on. If you are looking for growth hormone or testosterone therapy in texas, arizona, or california. Click on the respective links for more information.

The Trends of Testosterone over the decades

During the teenage years and the early adult years of a man’s life testosterone production is at its height. As the years go by testosterone levels will steadily increase until the age of thirty. Once at the age of thirty, a healthy male may experience a loss of testosterone by one percent as the years go by. The effects of this loss can be many or few and it depends on the person genetics, general health and other factors. Some signs of a decrease in testosterone levels may include: reduced sexual desire, unable to get a full night’s worth of rest, unable to gain the energy to produce during the day, and low self-esteem. If you are suffering these symptoms  you should contact  us today for a free consultation 1-888-510-0698

The truth about testosterone therapy is that doctor are not for certain how effective it is on men. One thing’s for certain though, it gives aging men a glimmer of hope to experience that old confidence that they had back in their twenties. Most men that have undergone some type of testosterone therapy have found that the results were better than they had expected. As technology and medicine advance, there may be a day where testosterone treatments are the norm and every middle aged man has them done. Until that day it is good to know that there is some sort of help for aging men.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]