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How does this fly the fact that I am a 52 year old man who has been working 7 days per week as a superintendent for a huge construction imagine dead tired at my aged after a long days of work. I couldn’t even think straight Additionally, I had a foggy cognitive function throughout the day. It was as if I couldn’t put my thoughts together during my hectic day.

I finally had enough with this life and decided a try with hormone replacement therapy.

At first, I felt a little gun shy at the idea to inject testosterone every week. You know the fear is always bigger than the deed of doing . I was so surprised, once I injected for the first time. As weeks go by the injections became much easier and they are second nature to me now. The other surprise is the results I got within 3 weeks of the program. Mind boggling the amount of energy I now have the brain fog has lifted. I can’t wait to see the results 5 weeks into this therapy .


Thomas K.


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