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Bodybuilders who want an edge should try symbiotropin. This product will help them gain muscle size and strength due to the natural growth hormone amino acid support. This product does not contain any HGH so it should be acceptable for athletes to use. Instead, it contains potent levels of amino acids that support the body’s production of IGF-1.

What do I need to know about Symbiotropin?

This symbiotropin review will help you understand how I benefited from symbiotropin to gain better muscle size, strength, and endurance in my workouts. I wanted to find something I could use before training that would enhance my workouts without the worry about taking HGH performance enhancing drugs that could cause me trouble in competitions. This supplement has helped me without the risks. Although, there are some things a potential user should be aware of before trying it.

Symbiotropin contains essential Growth Hormone supporting amino acids, including:

  • arginine
  • glutamine
  • GABA
  • glycine
  • lysine
  • tyrosine

These amino acids can be thought of protein building blocks that support a bodybuilder’s training effort.

I read symbiotropin reviews to learn more

I wanted to make sure it was safe for me to take due to the really high amount of potassium in the ingredients list. At 600 mg per dose that is very potent. I learned that there are certain people who should not take this supplement, but if you have good health and no issues with potassium should be just fine. If you have the following health issues you should talk to your doctor before trying this supplement:

  • Hepatic disease
  • Renal disease
  • hyperkalemia
  • hyperlysinemia
  • anuric

The main thing to be aware of is that if you have any issues with processing potassium, you should avoid this supplement. Also, there is a long list of medications to review before taking this supplement. If you take any of those medications, avoid this supplement or ask your doctor about alternative medications you can take instead. Also, if you are pregnant or nursing it is not advisable to take it.

How should it be used for bodybuilding

This supplement works best when taken on an empty stomach to boost uptake in your system. I prefer to take it just before breakfast and about an hour before I work out to get it into my system to gain the most from the supplement. It can be taken before bedtime, but it really is best to take before a workout.

The recommended dosing cycle is 5 days on and 2 days off. The manufacturer also recommends that users take it for 3 months before deciding on its efficacy. They advise you to take it for 3 months straight, take a month off, and then restart it for another 3 month period. If the supplement is working you should notice a significant difference during the off period.

Bodybuilders will appreciate the benefits most

endocrine-gland-stimuli-humoral-neural-and-hormonal-stimulusThis supplement can be taken safely by people who have no health issues related to potassium. Bodybuilders and Average Joe’s who do strength training as part of their work outs will benefit from the GH supporting amino acid supplement most and they will notice that they have larger and stronger muscles along when improved endurance.

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