I am here to talk to the podiatrist community and explain the potential benefits of BPC-157 as it relates to healing torn tendons, such as the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia tendon. I’ll be focusing on the plantar fascia tendon at this time.

BPC 157 is a peptide used for healing. It has become popular among athletes and body builders as it consistently delivers a positive experience when it comes to healing injuries, in particular injuries related to joints and tendons. I’ve included some extra links below for further reading if you’d like to learn more. I encourage you to take a look through them.

The latest report suggest that BPC is at its most effective when it is injected locally at the injury site. I myself suffered from a torn planter fascia (unrelated to heel spurs) for three years. I reached the point where standard treatments and physiotherapy weren’t able to get the job done anymore. The only other alternative I had available was PRP.

I did my own research online though and discovered BPC. BPC appears to be a much more viable alternative to PRP. Switching to BPC was not something I chose to do on a whim. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I took everything very seriously and have been holding off on using BPC while continuing to do research and weigh up any other potential alternatives. I found a peptide company that doesn’t sell to the general public who are willing to supply me with pharmaceutical grade BPC.

I understand the people at this website may not be used to this sort of self-research and experimentation, but I’m excited to hear your educated opinions and thoughts. I would gladly appreciate any constructive feedback you may have.

The final thing to consider has been how to administer the BPC. I have performed IM and SubQ injections in the past. I understand the preparations that go into doing them, but I have trouble with the anatomy of the foot. I don’t want to inject directly into the fascia, and was hoping that there would be a deposit of subcutaneous fat in the foot that the BPC could be injected to. BPC doses will be between 200 and 300 micrograms. This is why I am coming to you for advice, help, suggestions, and opinions on the possible administration options.


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