ripped-muscle-x-bottleRipped Muscle X is a supplement that claims that can help you grow your muscles get stronger quickly, easily eliminate fat, improve your energy levels naturally and maximize your sexual desire. Designed to provide rapid results, Ripped Muscle X works to increase energy levels and decrease body to speed up metabolism and digestion of fat safely. The website claims that you will feel more powerful and more energy throughout the day, and your body will be marked, defined, hard and ready for everything. They also perform other statements, like Ripped Muscle X blocks and prevents fat from sticking to your body, and you literally lose kilos quickly and easily.

What the website does not mention are the ingredients in Ripped Muscle X, how it works, who you are behind the product, or even recommend taking Ripped Muscle X. We can find a few testimonials, but those are probably fake. We have searched all the information as we could and this is what we found .

Ingredients and How it Works Ripped Muscle X

The main function of the ingredients we could find is that improve the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles. This helps to give it more energy when you exercise, and accelerate the speed with which you recover when you rest.

  • The L-Arginine and L-citrulline are amino acids that serve as precursors of nitric oxide, which helps it flow better blood through your body, including to the muscles during and after a workout. This improvement in the blood flow is what helps to have a better sexual performance because blood flow is what causes erections.
  • Acai berry increases energy, improves digestion and helps the health of your immune system.
    Beta Alanine is an amino acid that increases energy and reduces muscle fatigue, allowing you to be more productive practice sessions.
  • Zincque promotes the growth and repair of muscles.
  • Creatine citrate which encourages better muscle performance during exercise sessions, in addition to promoting better overall muscle growth.
  • Green tea works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent damage by free radicals, especially after a workout.

We assume that you must also have some kind of stimulant to provide more energy and promote weight loss, but did not know for sure. Nor do we know what the recommended dose.

My Experience with Ripped Muscle X

I would like to make this short and sweet. I bought Muscle X a few months ago, because of some hype on As soon as the bottle arrived, I started a 30 day trial to see how it would work for me. After a few weeks, I felt that my workouts were smoother, but that can very well be placebo. And then I noticed an additional $87.63 charge on my credit card. At that moment I was furious. I called customer service and told them to cancel my subscription. They tried to give me 5 additional bottles for free, but I rejected their offer and asked for my money back. I was able to get all of my money back by threatening them with a report on my credit card. So, please watch out and read the fine print before ordering.

Pros and Cons of Ripped Muscle X

Considering the pros and cons is a good way to get to decide whether you should spend your money and time on a specific product.


  • The ingredients that we know that account are safe and can effectively help to achieve better results of an intelligent system of muscle growth.
  • It has a free trial.


  • The ingredients are not listed.
  • There are no customer reviews Ripped Muscle X.
  • The free trial is somewhat misleading, as explained below.

Where to Buy

The only way to buy Ripped Muscle X is by its offer for a free trial. You order the product from your website and pay only for sending an endowment of 1 month. After 14 days of order date, if you do nothing, you will be charged $ 87.63 for their “free” bottle. After that, they will send you a new bottle every month and made a monthly payment by $ 87.63 to your credit card. So the free bottle really is not. Not only that, but nothing more give 14 days to test when on its website indicate that it takes about 3 months to see real results.


There are many supplements that promote growth of lean muscle, which help to provide more energy and endurance during your workouts, and increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Many of them are created by respected manufacturers who have built a reputation deliver what they promise. We do not think Ripped Muscle X is in this category. Ripped Muscle X is its unique product and the “free trial” is the only way to order it. Do not list their ingredients and the product is very expensive. It is best to use a proven product, it is reliable and known by users.

Have you used Ripped Muscle X? Leave your review below and tell us if this product is a scam or if it actually works.