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How Can Parents Help Their Child With Natural Growth Hormone Stimulators?

Of course the most natural growth hormone comes from the pituitary gland located in the brain below the hypothalamus. But some people suffer from growth hormone deficiency and when that happens the effect can be physically and emotionally challenging.

What Happens When A Child Has Low Growth Hormone Symptoms?

When children suffer from low GH or GH deficiency they may not grow as tall as other

children and they may suffer from syndromes related to growth such as Turners Syndrome that affects young girls in particular, and Prader-Willis Syndrome that is not gender specific. The symptoms for Prader-Willis include poor muscle tone, low level sex hormones, and a constant feeling of hunger.

Is There Help For A Natural Growth Hormone For Children?

Children can be helped with their GH deficiency naturally through diet, exercise, and proper rest. It sounds simple and that is because it really is simple.

  • Provide a balanced diet that is includes foods that are particularly low in glycemic values. This will help prevent insulin spikes. Low insulin levels help increase production of growth hormones.
  • Exercise actually can help boost natural GH. Make sure they drink plenty of water.
  • Avoiding foods that are particularly high in glycemic value such as white bread, soft drinks, ice cream and chocolate will protect insulin levels.
  • Good quality sleep will actually help because when we are deeply asleep that is when growth hormones are most active. Encourage your child to sleep in a darkened room to that the hormone melatonin is activated.

Will Natural Growth Hormone Stimulators Help?


Take caution when considering GH stimulators. Natural ones are fine, but avoid artificial stimulators for they may cause severe side effects in children such as muscle weakness, glucose irregularity, and abnormal heart growth.

Instead, ask your child’s doctor about L-Glutamine to help your child. This natural amino acid not only helps promote release of GH, it also bolsters the immune system and regulates the ratio of proteins in the body. Although no prescription is required and it can be purchased over the counter, it is best to discuss your interest in using it to help your child. Your doctor knows what is best for him.

The most natural GH stimulators are found in the foods we eats through the vitamins and minerals they contain. Calcium in milk, vitamin D in vegies, and zinc all work together to help the body grow. When the body is at its best and highest functioning level growth hormones are produced at their highest level as well.

How You Can Help Your Child Best

When your child is feeling down about his health or his size, you can help them realize that they are still great kids that just have additional challenges. Take them to the doctor and ask what you can do as a part of your child’s health care team to help improve his quality of life. Talk to your doctor about natural growth hormones for children and talk about treatments that may include dietary changes and possibly hormone replacement therapy. Anything you can do to help your child grow confidently is a good thing.

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