How to Raise Your Testosterone Levels

You may be wondering why anyone would want to raise their testosterone levels. After all, we see popular culture references to excesses of testosterone being responsible for all manner of ill behaviors and actions. But that is in the movies. And in books. And in magazines. It turns out that a sizable number of the population of males in America actually have low testosterone levels, or low-T, an estimated 5 million, in fact. Huh.

Given that testosterone is the hormone we think of the male hormone, what happens when it levels are lower than it should be? As it turns out, all kinds of things. Low-T can cause a lessening or even disappearance of sex drive, the loss of the ability to have sexual intercourse, a reduction in muscle mass and body hair, hot flashes, a weakening of bone density, depression, and what can be a severe dip in general energy levels. So, testosterone levels are important to a variety of important functions in the male body.

The good news is that testosterone levels, once lowered, do not have to stay that way. It is possible

to increase testosterone in the male body. There are a variety of ways to increase testosterone levels. There has been considerable research done in the traditional and alternative medical fields; considerable progress has been made in the last decade. Let’s review a few options.

Testosterone clinics

Specific clinics exist which deal specifically with boosting testosterone levels. In such clinics, your testosterone level would be carefully evaluated and a course of treatment recommended, depending on your overall physical condition. Treating low-T need not be an invasive process.


There are gels that can be applied directly to the skin and allow the male body to absorb testosterone, eventually raising the overall testosterone levels in the body. Generally, the patient would apply said gel on a daily basis. The one downside of this method is that if another person, say, a wife or child, makes skin-on-skin contact with this gel, they are likely to have an adverse reaction.


A doctor can inject testosterone directly into your body. This is a fairly simple procedure and is not highly invasive, though it does involve repeated visits to your doctor or clinic.


It is possible to have pellets inserted under the skin around the testicles. This treatment has a significant advantage in that it is effective for up to 6 weeks, making it the longest acting treatment of its kind. Some patients stay away from this option as they find it to be physically invasive.

To wrap up

Low-T is a common condition that can affect one’s quality of life. Human beings need to draw on energy to fuel an active and productive life. If your energy levels are not what they used to be, and you’ve lost interest in activities that you used to enjoy, it may not be the result of a normal aging process – it may be low-T. A simple trip to a doctor’s office or a testosterone clinic could set you on a path to your old self.

Treatments for low-T can include HGH – human growth hormone therapy – which yields a variety of healthy results, including an expanded muscle mass, stronger bones, higher energy, an increased sex drive, a healthier heart and more. The hormones that exist naturally in our bodies, like HGH and testosterone, do important work that keeps us healthy. Boosting levels of said hormones as we age can really give us an advantage when it comes to cultivating good health.







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