Human Growth Hormone Injectable Supplement Facts and Side Effects

What is the Human Growth Hormone?

The human growth hormone was developed in 1985. Initially, it was derived from cadavers, in which the hormone was removed, liquefied, and injected. The marketing of HGH came to a halt, when recipients began developing Crutzfeldt-Jacob disease, a prion disorder of the brain in which proteins mutate, and produce acute encephalopathy of the brain, a human form of Mad Cow Disease.
Scientists were later able to synthesize HGH, however. This is called bioidentical HGH because our bodies do not distinguish the difference between the synthetic and real versions of HGH.

Synthetic HGH comes in liquid form and is injected by its users. It is known to aid in body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, and potentially even heart function.

HGH s a serious therapy for certain conditions and can be harmful if misused. Many people are excited about the prospect of HGH based on a well-known hypothesis that the human growth hormone has anti aging and performance benefits.

Legitimate reasons show that abuse of doctor-prescribed growth hormone relate to stature disorders, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, premature birth, HGH deficiency, or muscle-wasting disorders.

Many physicians are overprescribing the drug, prescribing it for uses not approved or intended by the FDA. Consumers are even able to order the injections online. HGH is frequently used by athletes, in conjunction with anabolic steroids, to enhance physical performance. According to medical professionals, it is unknown whether HGH actually carries this benefit.

Many companies will market synthetic HGH compounds in pill form, for consumers who believe it will turn back their biological clock, counteracting the effects of aging. Just as they say about athletes using the drug as a performance-enhancer, experts convey there is not sufficient data demonstrating effectiveness as an anti-aging compound, as a pill at least. There are various lab studies that do show that the positive effects are mostly related to the injectable version of hgh.

The drug is often marketed as an oral pill, however ingested by pill form actually renders the compound useless – the pill disintegrates into the stomach before the ingredients can absorb into the body to become effective. Additionally the liquid form is reportedly very finicky.

Individuals obtaining this product illicitly are at risk of potential damage, since they may be getting an unapproved product. It is also not known what is in the drug when not obtained legitimately. Some users warn of friends who’ve obtained “HGH” only to find out the hard way that it was something else, such as a common household cleanser.

HGH Side Effects

Some potential side effects of HGH include joint pain, edema, carpal tunnel , diabetes, swelling, enlargement of the heart and kidneys, and high cholesterol. The user is also at higher risk of developing cancer.

FDA Regulations

Due to an excess of doctor prescribed growth hormone, the FDA has waged some authority on its usage. Many patients receiving the injections to mitigate the “symptoms of aging” suffered negative health consequences, and some have even perished. The HGH is one of the few medications the FDA regulates on with authority that supersedes a physician’s. There is a statute conveying it is now unlawful for physicians to prescribe this drug unless treating a specific medical condition. Of course, just like with anything, there are ways to circumvent this rule. For example, the physician still interprets lab results and determines what constitutes “low hormone levels”. There are also numerous websites and forums out there, that claim they can help one gain a prescription or to demonstrate how interested persons can have HGH “legally prescribed” to them.


Even though experts know of no data which corroborates the anti-aging and performance benefits of HGH, many users of the drug state that they themselves have noticed significant enhancement to their intelligence, alertness, libido, and physical ability after taking the drug. These individuals swear to it. This calls into question the validity of the expert opinions stating that these effects are unknown or not supported. The human experience may be all the data we need. Are these professionals simply backpeddling, attempting to disinterest the public and mitigate the hype?
Regardless, the only safety net for the interested user is doctor prescribed growth hormone. Only a physician can properly regulate the dosage. If you are interested to learn more about HGH, our specialists can guide you through the process, and even book you an appointment with a doctor near you. Contact us today to learn if HGH if right for you.


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