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Why Get Legal Growth Hormone?

Why Get Legal Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone is a subsance that is naturally produced by the pituitary gland and helps with the promotion of cellular growth.

The narutal levels of growth hormones in the body tend to decrease with age, and since so many people fear the actually aging process they look for solutions to reverse aging. Since HGH or growth hormone is a controlled substance, there is an underground black market of suppliers which promise you the best products and results, but before buying you have to be sure it’s real growth hormone, and not some knockoff.

At H&H Longevity Center we know that getting legal growth hormone is a difficult and somewhat challanging task. Growth hormone, or HGH can be a confusing subject. True HGH is not considered legal in the United States without a doctor’s prescription. Prescriptions for true HGH are usually injections, and must be Prescribed by a doctor. However, there are other types of legal growth hormone that do not require a prescription.

These include supplements such as hgh pills, patches, sprays and other non injectable substances. Though, they are legal because they don’t actually work like the true injections. Most people don’t even see any effects with these above the counter supplements, since most of them the typical “magical pill” promise When one hears about growth hormones, it is often referring to the substances athletes and bodybuilders use in an effort to enhance their abilities. Many of these uses are done at extremely high doses, and are considered illegal when used in this manner. Legal growth hormone supplements are generally scientifically created, and work with your body’s own natural growth hormone production. With all of the confusion surrounding growth hormones, you may be wondering whether you should even try to use the supplements. The short answer would be that as long as you are not an athlete under contract, these supplements are not illegal. However, you must make sure the supplement you are purchasing is not meant to be administered by injection, as all of these forms must be given by a doctor in a medical setting. The actual capsule HGH supplements are legal to buy in the United States, and do not contain any illegal substances.

Legal growth hormone is approved by the F.D.A. for a few different uses. HGH is often used in children who have a fully diagnosed growth hormone deficiency. It has also been approved for HIV patients who suffer from a condition called wasting. The F.D.A. does not approve the use of legal growth hormone when it is used as an anti-aging supplement – unless prescribed by a doctor.

Legal growth hormone is being given more and more in today’s society because of the various reports that it helps people lose weight, increase muscle mass, feel more energetic, and heal faster from injuries. The thing is, even though these injections may be prescribed by a physician, they are still not considered legal. When a physician legally prescribes HGH, it is usually given only after hormonal testing has been completed. All of the doctors and physicians who do not complete all of this testing, and actually find a legitimate deficiency of the HGH levels in the body are opening themselves up to legal action if they are ever caught providing the injections.

H&H Longevity knows that HGH is difficult to find, and this has led to a huge increase in the number of companies who supposedly provide legal growth hormones. Since HGH is a controlled substance, This is why people looking for legal growth hormones have to be very careful. The lack of regulation means there is no true way of knowing whether these substances are legit, or safe. Purchasing HGH in this manner could lead to you wasting your money on useless supplements that actually do not contain any growth hormone, or may even contain harmful substances that can make you sick. Your best bet is to find a doctor who will prescribe legal growth hormones so you can be sure of your health and safety. contact us for free consultation 1-888-510-0698 or fill out the form for a free consultation

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