You can use jintropin to help your height challenged child grow taller or it can be used to help adults gain muscle, lose fat, and improve well-being. This product was created by Dr. Lei Jin, who wanted to find a way to use recombinant DNA that is found through the metabolic process in the bacteria called E. coli. The amino acid sequence in this particular bacterium has the same properties found in the human growth hormone HGH. He was successful in his endeavor and now it is available in China.

What does Jintropin actually do?

The HGH in Jintropin is approved to help individuals with hormone deficiency. As in the case of children who lack endogenous growth hormones, the product will help stimulate linear growth. Adults may benefit from this product to increase bone density, muscle mass, and increase energy levels and exercise capacity to help reduce fat deposits. It is also approved to help patients suffering from HIV and Aids who are experiencing muscle wasting as a part of their illness.

How do I buy jintropin?

Buying Jintropin outside of China, which is the only location this product has been approved, is challenging, but it can be done. Granted, it is not legal to sell or import into the USA, but where there is a will there is a way.

Jintropin is manufactured and distributed by GeneScience Pharmaceuticals in China. I visited the website to learn how I can purchase Jintropin, and found that they do acknowledge the challenges inherent in purchasing vials of their product, not only because of the legal issues, but because of the scammers who are taking advantage of people who don’t know where to go to buy the real product verses fakes out there that don’t even contain HGH.

To avoid those scammers I decided that the only place I will buy Jintropin is on the company website. When I receive my vials I will take advantage of the product verification and anti-counterfeiting system to assure I have the real thing.

How do I know what I have it real?

As I mentioned above there is a verification system on the company website to double check the vials authenticity. But find jintropin for sale on a site you trust and decide to buy it there due to shipping or product costs, or whatever your reason may be, there are some tell-tale signs to check when you get your vials.

If the product arrives in an unlabeled vial, it is not authentic because no vials leave the manufacturing plant without the label. If there is no label on the vial that will indicate to you that the vial in your hand may have low quality HGH or in fact HGC, which can be detected with a simple home pregnancy test. If a pregnancy test indicates pregnancy, the product in your hand is a fake and you should return it to get your money back.

Avoid the scammers

1093_7279_5You can save yourself a lot of wasted time, heart ache and irritation, not to mention the possibility of losing your hard earned money by avoiding the scammers by only purchasing from the company’s website.