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Saizen is a synthetic growth hormone that works in a variety of different ways. Our pituitary glands produce growth hormones organically, and this is particularly important in the development of children.

Saizen Treatment Possibilities

Saizen is used primarily to treat children. It can work as a method of treatment for children who are unable to produce growth hormones naturally. It is also used to treat children who are experiencing a failure in growth due to chronic kidney disease. Children who are born small for gestational age, who fail to catch up to normal growth rates in two or more years, can also benefit from a program that includes Saizen.

There are other treatment possibilities with this growth hormone. It can also be used to treat short stature in those suffering from Turner’s syndrome. Adults suffering from growth hormone deficiency can also use Saizen. Adults experiencing a growth hormone deficiency may be doing so because of such factors as a pituitary disease, recent surgery, radiation therapy, disease relating to the hypothalamus, or some form of trauma.

Using Saizen

How much Saizen should be used in a typical dose will depend an individual’s circumstances, as well as their body weight. It is administered by injection only, and a doctor will decide ahead of time how much will be given per injection. It is typically an injection that is given under the skin, although there are times when a doctor will feel it best to administer the injection into the muscle. It can be given at home, or under the care of a physician. In the event that a scheduled injection has been missed, a double dose should not be given under any circumstances.

It is available as a liquid or a powder.

Do Not Use Saizen If

Certain people should not take Saizen. This includes those who are allergic to it, or to any of its ingredients, children with closed epiphyses, anyone suffering from an active cancer, anyone with a brain tumor, anyone with an acute illness from surgery complications, or anyone suffering from certain types of diabetes-related eye damage. Those suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, which includes massive obesity and breathing problems, should also not take Saizen.

Those experiencing severe respiratory problems, or who have just experienced accident, should not take this growth hormone either.

Saizen Side Effects

There are numerous side effects to be considered with this growth hormone. Some of the manageable side effects include breast enlargement, carpal tunnel syndrome, birthmark growth, joint and/or muscle pain, abnormal tiredness or weakness, and swelling in the hands, feet, or lower legs.

Certain other side effects are quite rare, but a physician should be consulted immediately if you experience any of them. These include abdominal pain and bloating, depression of skin at the place of injection, headache, sudden limp, nausea and vomiting, itching or skin rash. You should stop taking the medication at once if you experience intense headaches with nausea, vomiting, or vision problems.

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