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Serostim hgh 6mg Injection and Dosage

Serostim hgh 6mg and Dosage

Serostim: Another option

Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, many years ago now, medicine has improved greatly in the treatment and prevention of this condition. Much has been learned in regard to HIV/AIDS medications; how they should be used and when they should be used. Currently, those with this disease have more than 20 individual HIV drugs that could be used in their treatment regime. What is even more promising is that many of these medications now come with fewer side effects. One of these medications is Serostim which is often prescribed for wasting syndrome as well as lipodystrophy as it is related to AIDS.


Serostim is drug currently being marketed by Serono Laboratories. This medication imitates human growth hormones. These hormones are what the body produces, as a chemical, which assists in the maintenance and building of bone and muscle tissues. Because of this hormone mimicking, Serostim is being tested to determine its effectiveness as a treatment for side effects experienced during anti-HIV drug therapy. Also being investigated is its possible use for immune-based therapy. Clinical trials are being conducted around Serostim’s ability to help the thymus gland in its T-cell production.
Wasting syndrome, an AIDS-related illness, is currently the main reason for Serostim being prescribed. Wasting syndrome is when a person experiences more than a 10 percent loss of body weight. This occurs in conjunction with more than a month of diarrhea, weakness and fever. It is dangerous to leave wasting syndrome untreated. It is frequently associated with the progression and eventual death for those suffering from HIV/AIDS.
How to Take Serostim
Serostim is always administered as a subcutaneous injection. This means an injection under your skin. Currently you have two options for the administration of this injection. There is the traditional hypodermic needle. However, there is now a product known as SeroJet. This is a needle-free option. Similar to a pump, this gadget pushed the medication directly under your skin.
SeroJet is suggested if you have a fear of needles. There is still the potential for some discomfort with the use of Serojet. Although it does not use a needle, it could feel like a bee sting or a rubber band snapping against your skin at the administration sight. Also similar to those using a needle, if you choose SeroJet you need to rotate the injection/application site with every dose.
Side Effect You May Encounter
As with any treatment, there is the possibility you will experience side effects. Often those using Serostim will report that they have pain in their muscles or bones. Also reported is swelling in the feet and hands. Although not at likely, there have been some reports of individuals taking Serostim developing carpal tunnel syndrome. The likelihood and severity of any of these side effects differs from person to person. If however you do experience these symptoms and they do not decrease over a period of time, you may have to stop taking Serostim.
As medicine and science have more and more research behind them, the life expectancy for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, when adhering to a medicinal treatment plan, has increased. With the use of drugs like Serostim

to help manage symptoms of this disease, life has not only been extended, it is also enjoying a better quality of life.

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