My back injury pain med use started 3 years ago, Opiates at first to handle pain , then sliding into abuse as addiction set in. At First physician prescribed meds.  I got to the point of trouble when I started seeking and getting non prescribed street meds. After $50,000 dollars worth of rehab, My expert panel of rehab doctors  told me the how and why of my low level of testosterone was caused by my over use of  pain management.  After 3 months of the doctor prescribed androgel I did not feel it was working. And after taking some Labs , would you believe my levels showed only 400 ng per deciliter far from the 557 level benchmark target for a functional therapy level. One good thing that rehab taught me is to take the initiative TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS , so with a little detective work and research, I got led to a HRT clinic.  I already knew my 6’3” 250 pounds needed some beef in my therapy like injectable Testosterone. So the therapy  the doctor prescribed was test cypionate 250mg strength with a volume of 1.5 ml per week. Within a month just 4 weeks and the lab test showed 700 level ng per deciliter. RESULTS



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