Your growth hormone releasing hormone performs a very important job within your body to regulate how your body grows and develops over the course of your lifetime from within the womb to your final years. GHRH is the master of your body’s hormones. Nothing happens until it tells the other hormones to take action to regulate your bone growth. It also helps regulate proteins, carbohydrates, and lipid metabolism.

Where is the growth hormone releasing hormone?

When you were in your mother’s womb, at about 12 week’s gestation your hypothalamus, located in the brain above the pituitary gland, became active. It sent the messages to your body’s other hormones to regulate your growth from that point on. Your tissue growth and bone growth are stimulated to help you grow bones, tissues, your lungs, and your brain develops. too. Nothing happens unless the GHRH activates the other Growth Hormones in your body.

How does GHRH affect the brain?

When we think of growth we thing of becoming taller or wider, or other physical attributes we can see and perceive. Your brain’s growth and development is also an important job for your growth hormones. They also work on the brain’s cognitive development over the course of your life. And as HGH production declines later in life, cognitive development slows as well. It is believed that Alzheimer’s can be attributed to the decline in growth hormones. When GHR hormones stop sending the message to the growth hormones that work for the brain, the effect can be quite sad.

Can treatments help slow or hopefully cure Alzheimer’s?

Although no cure has been found, scientists are studying the possibility that GHRH therapy my help slow the process and advancement of dementia and Alzheimer’s in patients. There have only been a few studies performed to examine this exciting possibility, but there are some indications that GHRH injections may help.

Other uses for growth hormone releasing hormone therapy

hormonal_events_largeChildren and adolescents who have growth issues related to a lack of endogenic hormones may benefit from GHRH injections to help them gain some additional height that they cannot achieve naturally. Sometimes body builders use GHRH to help them gain more size and strength, though there is little proof that it actually works for those purposes.

More research will be done in forthcoming years to learn how therapies using injectable GHRH can help individuals with medical issues related to Growth Hormones. Consumers should be very careful if they should want to use it without proper medical advice. Hormones are nothing to play with and used incorrectly can wreak havoc on your life. If you want to enhance your body’s natural hormones with dietary supplements you can find plenty of options available online. As for growth hormone releasing hormone you really should leave that to the experts who understand the physical properties of GHRH and how it works with the rest of your body.

If you would like to know more about growth hormone releasing hormone or have a health question, please do not hesitate to contact us and a specialist can explain all about the various healthy ways of increasing growth hormone.