It has been a long road to recovery form a nagging back injury that has been lingering for practically 6 months. I have been trying to get back to the weight room but the back injury keeps festering. I have a herniated disc in my spine ( number 5 disc). I have had the injury for 10 or more years , but more or less kept it under control. About six mouths ago I injured again playing basketball. Now with the fall approaching I am in a mens recreational football league and I have to be ready with more a less a month away. I have had some therapy on my back which seemed to help , but has not got me over the hump. What I am starting to notice is making a difference is HGH injectable with a combination of vitamins named Bio Musculoskeletal Pak by Biotics Research, which only sell their products to Doctors offices. This in combination of the HGH has been doing the trick the Bio Musculoskeletal Pak have a blend of b vitamins, Glandular vitamins, amino acids, anti-inflammators that really seems to be working on the injury. So come a 6 weeks from now I look forward to being on the field again at 100 percent God willing.