3 Simple Exercises That Increase Testosterone Quickly and get you ripped!

me-last-yearTo start off, a technique that perfectly explains why athletes that run  short distances look completely ripped has to do with a simple work out plan. This applies to both men and women, so ladies don’t be afraid! You basically need 2 simple components:

  1. Very short and intense exercises
  2. A burning sensation (lactic acid) – preferably in the legs

I will explain why this technique is so effective in a moment, but first, I want to offer some advice: take the following suggested exercises and combine them with the previous two elements:

Use these 3 methods in combination with each other and the power of each will be expanded significantly, this is the key to naturally boost your low testosterone without the traditional testosterone replacement therapy.
About the exercise plan, here are the types of exercise you need to perform in order to get the male hormone that you are looking for:
An example of high intensity training interval is racing, weight training, jumping rope, climbing stairs, squat jumps.

When you exercise in short, intense bursts, your body responds by releasing testosterone and growth hormone, all you need to do is overcome the anaerobic or lactate threshold. Lactate threshold is that burning sensation you feel in your legs when you have made a heavy squat routine, if you feel that burning sensation, no matter what exercise you’re doing, that means lactate acid, which in turn means RESULTS.

However, resistance training has a different hormonal effect, leading to increased cortisol and lower testosterone levels, a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why I’m going to show you two athletes. First, have a look at this Olympic sprinter.

olympic sprinter
Now, compare the sprinter to this Olympic marathoner:

Think about it! But let’s not end here, let me quote an excellent study which proves this yet again:

“In order to increase your low testosterone levels, you should do rapid and intense exercises,for short periods of time.”

You just have to exercise three days a week, BUT that exercise has to hurt a lot, try not to throw up in pain, it’s really not that bad, but it has to be followed with persitance.
The good thing is that these routines are short, my racing routine is only executed once a week, and only takes me 15 minutes including the warm up. I can also do an intense weight training routine in less than 12 minutes, my weekly routine of squats including bar hopping takes me a total of about eight minutes to complete. I can now complete a full routine in the time it used to take my shoes and get to the track. Amazing, right?

Here are some things to consider to start your exercise routine, if you’re not in the area of oxygen deficiency during your exercises, you’re not doing well, you should be huffing and puffing between intervals, and having a conversation should be remotely impossible. That’s how you know that you’re doing it right. Make them burn! When you feel the lactic acid burning up and down the legs, you’re doing the right thing. Start by pressing strongly for a few seconds, and will be rewarded with a great surge of anabolic hormones!

Focus on exercises that work the muscles of the legs. The biggest muscles in your body are the legs. The more you work, the greater the reward.
Work out hard, recover, and repeat. The intervals should never exceed 30 seconds. Races are only 10 seconds, you have about a minute to recover and then continue again, do only 6-8 repetitions.
Do not overtrain! Overtraining actually reduce your testosterone levels, do it for about 15 minutes 3 times per week maximum.

Now to the study:
Researchers at the University of VA compared levels of male hormone of cyclists after a run of six seconds and another run 30 seconds, they discovered that the 6 seconds case boosted the secretion of HGH and testosterone levels just a little bit, but the results of the 30 seconds cyclist were amazing. The 30 seconds cyclist increased the level of HGH by over 530%.
The researchers reported that HGH levels remained elevated from 1.5 to 2 hours after the racing program, just as the sprinters body also burned body fat at a high rate for two hours after he finished the workout.


  • Short and Intense Exercises
    • Focus on Racing, Weight Training, Jumping Rope, Squat Jumps
    • Make sure to get that lactic acid burning sensation
    • No more than 30 seconds with 6-8 repetitions
    • You should be huffin and puffin
  • Work Out Only 3 Times a Week (Less is more in this case)
  • Each workout should not take more than 15 minutes

This exercise should boost your body to the “optiomal you”. But if you find this is not enough, and even after the best workout routine, you are still weak of energy, the need of additional help might be needed. Here at Bodytech we can help you understand your body!