Did you know that the hormone testosterone can help reduce the number of physical injuries you could suffer with? It can also lessen the injury’s severity and decrease your downtime from an injury or surgery.

The most commonly known side effect of testosterone use is anabolic growth, which increases both muscle strength and size. Anabolic growth is what gives men and women their strong, agile bodily appearance – usually synonymous with youth.

Both testosterone and muscle mass peak in the 20s and start to decline afterward.  By age 40, women begin to experience testosterone and muscle mass loss. For men, it’s 50 and older that testosterone production begins to wane. This is also when globulin, the binding sex hormone, ramps up and hinders testosterone production.

Many aging characteristics people experience is due to the drop in testosterone production. These include muscle mass loss, sagging skin, hunched shoulders, etc.

However, there is an identical testosterone substance that would help you to “recapture” your youth. By replacing natural testosterone production, you can regain muscle mass, bone strength, balance, physical stamina, etc.  Of course, testosterone is much more than a physical helping component. It can help with reducing physical injuries and their severity. It can decrease the amount of time you have to recover from an injury and/or surgery. More so, if used in conjunction with personal training and physical therapy.

As men and women get older, it’s advised that they get their testosterone levels check out. If necessary, they should start a testosterone hormone replacement therapy to improve how their body reacts and responds to physical exercise and decrease the chances of injuries.


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