AVEED: How Does It Help With Testosterone Levels In Men

AVEED was designed to help men who have low testosterone levels or suffer from hypogonadism. AVEED comprises of a compound that involves undecanoate ester and testosterone, a combination typically seen in testosterone replacement therapy. However, AVEED is a new form of the therapy. The FDA recently approved its use to treat low testosterone levels in men, no matter how young or old they are.

Why Should You Use AVEED?

While AVEED is rather new to the market, this option for testosterone replacement therapy provides an array of existing possibilities that makes it so easy to use. The majority of testosterone injections compounds need multiple injections each week.  AVEED is different. Just one shot initially and then another shot four weeks later. After that, it’s a shot every 10 weeks.  If you cannot keep up with patches, pills or weekly injections, AVEED could be the choice for you.

It doesn’t require a lot of commitment and helps anybody who is suffering from low testosterone levels and must go through testosterone replacement therapy.

How Is AVEED Given?

In order to get your AVEED shot, you must visit your healthcare provider. The shot will be given during an appointment at the clinic, where you must remain for a certain period of time to ensure no major reactions occur because of it. You could experience anaphylaxis or POME from the AVEED shot.

What Are The Potential Side Effects From The AVEED Injection?

It’s been reported that AVEED can cause pulmonary oil microembolism (also known as POME). It happens when a minute amount of the oil makes its way to the lungs. A person with POME will experience sweating, dizziness, fainting difficulty breathing, coughing, chest pain, etc. Another possible side effect is anaphylaxis, which is a major allergic reaction.

These conditions can occur within seconds of the injection or can occur later after multiple injections.

Who Should Not Use AVEED?

Anybody with prostate or breast cancer, who are allergic to its ingredients, who have kidney, heart, liver or urinary problems or who suffer from sleep problems like sleep apnea are advised not to use AVEED.

If you use corticosteroids, blood clotting medications or insulin, speak with your doctor before using AVEED. Some prescriptions and supplements can react negatively with AVEED and not be used together. Make your doctor aware of any prescriptions or supplements you are taking before you use AVEED.





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