Sleeping problems come in combination as mine and others in our group found out. If having the problem of sleeping immediately after you eat, you might have a carbohydrate sensitivity.  Couple that with an additional problem of falling asleep but can’t stay asleep. Usually this is a thiamine and thiamine cofactor need.  Coined reactive hypoglycemia.  As far as I’m concerned ,  BIO-Glycozym Forte the broad spectrum-spectrum glycemic product, Well there is nothing that comes close to it. For B complex insufficiency where you need the accessory nutrients to go along with the B vitamins.In using this I was able to alter the immediate fall asleep problem to a pleasent two hours later sleep.

For these problems use Bio-Glycozyme Forte along with additional thiamine from Bio-3B-G and this combination will generally provide the support you need as long as carbohydrates in your diet are restricted and not mixed with protiens. Again, it works in reactive hypoglycemia,  adrenal fatigue, general fatigue, stress, highly refined diets and carbohydrate sensitivity.