no muscleOne of the most common goals for people to start in the world of fitness and gym is certainly to gain muscle, but surely we all know many people who go to the gym every day, no less than four days a week without little or no muscles. If you’re somebody who struggle to gain muscle take a look at the 10 points which may be the reason that your muscles do not grow.

Many of the people who trains at the gym don’t have the body they want, and although it is very difficult to agree with our current look, often there are people who go to gym regularly and make mistakes for which the muscles do not grow as they should.

We will try to recap the main reasons that the body does not grow muscularly as it should, since in most cases it is because mistakes made when training or not things are done as they should, so without further delay we list the most common:

1. Genetics: sometimes genetics is our worst enemy and it seems impossible to go against it, and it is true that every body is different, but you have to be clear that you can fight even with what has touched you, with discipline, train and diet can always have positive results. If you feel that genetics are at play, there are solutions such as HGH and Testosterone that will boost your levels at a normal level.
2. Rest: it should be clear that the muscle grows when resting so do not try to grow your chest or biceps training them every day. Rest is vital, rest at least 72 hours to back, chest, femoral, glutes and quadriceps and not less than 48 hours for biceps, triceps, calves, shoulders, trapezius and forearms. Besides sleeping 7-8 hours a day.
3. Intensity: training should be intense, do not go to the gym for the day, moving affordable pesos and believe that we are training. Each workout should be as intense as you can, the more you’ll break more muscle fibers and reconstruction need with what surely will provoke much more muscular hypertrophy, sweating in the gym each session, and learn how to reach your muscle failure .
4. Food: it is certainly the centerpiece of any sports training and it would not be less in this case. You must eat foundation, if you’re growing need to give the body enough protein to rebuild and enough carbohydrates for energy to recover and train in optimum conditions.
5. Technique: it is very important to perform the exercises correctly, if we do not as it should be, with a breath chord, forcing the negative phase as well as in the positive, we are losing much of the benefit of weight training. So debugging technique and let us advise for people with more experience and knowledge, remember that no one is born knowing and everyone started from scratch.
6. Routine: it is essential to make a proper routine is good that you have placed your monitor and your routine follow her at face value, but learn from it, look at the pros and cons of that train and learn slowly to be independent in order to be able to make your own changes in routine, knowing that is what is good or bad for your body.
7. Attitude: it is important to be positive and you will like what you do. Pointless for what you do you do out of obligation because eventually you will fall into the routine and fail to hit the gym. Put effort into knowing how to be strong in training, technical and methodical breaks and watch your diet, just enough so you will be evolving.
8. Weight: is certainly a mistake to try to move more weight than is needed or can, you will be safe and no damage will realize the intense routine. Use common sense and go climbing weights less to more, to finish the last series with the maximum that can move and try to reach muscle failure. Do not forget that you should gradually increase the weight you move but always with respect and not to appear to be stronger than the rest.
9. The discipline is key to a person who seeks to grow muscularly have a routine disciplinary training (like food), it is useless to go five days a week and come back in many others. Do not look for an excuse not to go up to your workout because if you can find once find more times.
10. The mind is vital to know out training with a clear mind and know that this is a matter of time and training. Do not think that in two or three months I have done, is a serious error. Think long term and when you’ll want to realize an athletic and muscular body. Tomato rather than physical to break up the monotony resting one week every three months of intense training mental breaks.