Depo Testosterone Facts

Depo Testosterone is a human growth hormone. It is used by men who need to replace testosterone levels due to certain issues caused by their low testosterone levels. This can include erectile dysfunction. This particular growth hormone should only be used by men who are specifically experiencing erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone.

Depo Testosterone should be only be used after confirmation through symptoms and blood tests. It has been proven to effectively replace testosterone in men who are lacking the necessary levels to achieve and maintain an erection.

This medication should not be given to anyone else, besides the person it was prescribed for.

Using Depo Testosterone

The typical dose of Depo Testosterone for men is 200mg ever two weeks. The maximum dosage of Depo Testosterone is 400mg in a month. It is given as an injection into the buttocks by a doctor. Body weight and other medical issues are two things that impact how much a patient will take. If a patient is on other medications, this too can have an influence on how much Depo Testosterone a patient might be prescribed.

This medication should be taken exactly as directed by a doctor. If an appointment is missed for whatever reason, another appointment should be made as quickly as possible.

Keep this medication at room temperature, and keep it safe from abundant light and moisture.

A doctor should also be consulted considering disposing of Depo Testosterone, if it has expired, or if it is no longer needed.

People who should not take this medication include those who are allergic to testosterone, are female, or have been diagnosed with prostrate or breast cancer.

Depo Testosterone Side Effects

There are several side effects to consider with Depo Testosterone. Some are manageable, and some are serious enough that use of the medication should be discontinued immediately. Certain side effects will even disappear by themselves over time.

Manageable side effects include increased aggression, acne, noticeable differences in sex drive, dizziness, enlarged prostate, hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, headache, alterations to normal mood, sleep problems caused by breathing difficulties, and noticeable weight gaining. Consult a doctor for advice on how to manage any of these side effects.

Certain other side effects are extremely rare, but they have been known to occur. A doctor should be consulted immediately if anyone using this medication experiences heightened blood pressure, breast soreness or growth, high blood pressure, changes to urination behavior, prolonged (longer than four hours) erections, or a swelling of the ankles or legs as experienced by those with kidney problems. It is also possible to experience symptoms of liver problems. These can include loss of appetite, darkened urine, nausea or vomiting, dramatic decrease in appetite, abdominal pain, pale stools, or a yellowing around the eyes and skin.

If anyone using this growth hormone experiences trouble breathing, rashes, hives, or a swelling of the face or throat, use of Depo Testosterone should be discontinued immediately.

Further information on this medication can be found by consulting a doctor.


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