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Genotropin Pen and Miniquick

About the Genotropin Pen and Miniquick

genotropin pen miniquickGenotropin is a man-made growth hormone that is typically prescribed to children whose bodies do not produce enough natural growth hormone, and who therefore are falling behind when it comes to development in comparison with their peers.

Genotropin is injected into the child’s body, directly beneath the skin. If your child has been prescribed to take a course of Genotropin, a doctor or medical health practitioner will advise you on the areas of your child’s body where the injection can be administered. It is important to rotate the areas where you administer the injection to your child. Skin can react to injections – particularly with children – and if you inject into the same area each day the skin is likely to be irritated and sore to the touch. The typical injection areas are around the navel, the fronts of each thigh and just below the small of the back. It is important you keep a record of injection spots to avoid injecting the same spot on too frequent a basis.

A doctor will advise you on the best time at which it is most effective to administer Genotropin. It is advised that administration takes place at the same time each day, so both you and your child becomes accustomed to a routine. Often, it is best that Genotropin be administered just before your child goes to bed. This is because it is natural for the body to release growth hormones at night, therefore this is the time that the Genotropin will be at its most effective.

Eventually your child may attain an age where they are comfortable in injecting the Genotropin themselves. It is best that this is agreed with by your doctor, who will then help your child administer their first injection. It is important that you supervise your children during the adminstration. This is to make sure the child is actually administering the injection, and not just telling you they are. You must make sure the child understands the importance of injecting themselves in different areas on a rota basis.

Genotropin is typically in powdered form, meaning that it must be mixed with a saline solution before injection. This is done in the injection administrator which is split into two chambers, one containing the powdered hormone and the other the solution. They are mixed together before the injection is administered. The Genotropin powder must be keep refrigerated. When mixed, Genotropin remains safe to use as long as it continually refrigerated for up to a period of 28 days. It is not effective to use Genotropin if it has not been refrigerated, or has been left out of the refrigerator for too long. If there is any doubt, the Genotropin should be discarded and not used.

If your child contracts a minor illness whilst using Genotropin, you should consult your doctor or medical practitioner and ask whether it is safe to continual administering the hormone. Colds and other minor illnessess should not affect treatment, but you should always check first.

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