I had one choice after the MRI results came in. If I wanted to keep playing basketball, the doctor told me I needed to have surgery. I thought long and hard about my decision, I don’t like surgeries but I loved basketball. So I bought to my self I know their are other alternatives that this sports doctor had not explained existed to me(HGH). The injury I had sustained was slight tears in the ligaments of both of my quadriceps . When this happen you can not run full speed and the only usual option is surgery. During this time I also happened to be very educated on Human Growth Hormone and what it does and what I seen it do in others. My only dilemma was I was 28 years old and did not want to start using HGH until I was in my mid 30’s . I guess time had different idea for me and my athletic and gym life . So i started using the HGH injectable instead of electing for surgery . I used 2-3 IU daily for 6 months. I could not believe the results completely repaired the small torn ligaments in my quadriceps I was able to go full speed again play hard and was able to play to my full ability. HGH was a definite game changer and avoided surgery

Kristian Micheal