Ok , so I go to a HCG Diet clinic, and start out with this 40 Day program. The crash diet to 500 calories, So I get to this clinic and get my Blood pulled and then get the diet and meds , lo and behold they tell me the first thing in the starting of the diet is to not diet and binge pizza and ice cream for 2 days before I even start with the HCG. Ok that didn’t sound bad at first but cutting down to 500 calories from 2000 calories a day?? I just didn’t think I could do it. Well for 3 weeks I counted calories and maintained 600 calories. I was losing body fat but noticed extra skin drooping around my waist area, and feeling weaker. This went on for 25 days. I was making progress but suffering from low energy. At that point I needed help the clinic offered me no real advise except to adjust the diet. My boyfriend put me in touch with his clinician at Hollywood Health Clinic , And immediately I was placed on the standard nutritional regimen with Essential Fatty Acids, Aminos, Glutamine, and anabolic packs.Using these Within the first day I felt more energy.Within a week my muscle tone around my waist and butt , started to tighten I was able to get through the this tough hcg diet with the help of the extra amino acids and clean calories from the anabolic packs.