Using weighted vest can give much play in our training. And I’m not just talking about bodybuilding I speak in whatever is training to improve the different types of strength we can benefit from working with weight vest.

weight vest

It’s very interesting to train with a weight vest to increase load in exercises like push-ups, chin-ups or crunches. But we can also use it for other exercise, here are some examples:

Exercises we can do with weighted vest:

Climbing stairs: Here’s a little more intensity to an exercise that is already intense. An extra load when running up the stairs can come in handy to improve resistance and muscle force, depending on how you do the exercise.
Rope Skipping: Stationary rope skipping works great It’s a good exercise to improve your power and increase your resistance. Beware of exaggerated repetitions, this exercise can also cause injury, since the impact on the ground will be harder than normal.
Running: although it’s not practical to run long distances with a weight west, there is still some use for intense bursts. Perform short sprints, that’s where we can benefit from that extra weight. And if you want to loop the loop, try doing slopes (150 feet maximum) …
Exercises on auto-load: as we have said before, we can benefit from the extra weight to do push-ups, sit-ups, chin or sit in all its forms. For example, doing a circuit with the vest will increase intensity.
Technical exercises for specific sports: Depending on the sport, we can use the vest to do specific exercises. For example, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

And you, do you use the weight vest, if so, what exercises do you do? I see this as a powerful tool for short duration, high intensity workouts. The kind of exercises which shed off fat fast! Try it by doing dumbbell curls, it’s amazing what it can do.

Let us know what you use your weight vest for and we will add it on our website!