The top testosterone supplements: Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate; and what they mean for you

One of the most unnerving experiences that a man can have happens right around his late 30s and early 40s and can truly shake them to their very core. Too often described as the midlife crisis in a joking were almost condescending manner, men of this age quite often wake up feeling like half the man they used to be. Almost as if they’ve been walking around in some sort of fog, they may be led to believe that Father Time has finally caught up with them as it will everyone, and that nothing is wrong. And while this is true to a specific degree, the fact of the matter is that most men are suffering from a very real and very serious hormonal disorder and efficiency that comes from the body triggering a slowdown in the production of testosterone In the body. If you are interested in using Prescribed testosterone replacement therapy , utilizing Cypionate or Enanthate injectable please click the following links for Los Angele, Austin or Phoenix. Also you can fill the form at the right or give us a call at 1-888-510-0698

What is testosterone?

The odds are great that if you are in your late 30s or older you’ve begun to feel like life has lost a bit of that shine and luster that it once had. All of a sudden, food does not look quite as appetizing as it used to, music does not sound as happy and playful as it used to, the thought of forcing around or throwing the ball out back has you feeling tired already rather than kicking in your competitive juices, and it’s even difficult to find the spark that draws you to your loving lady. And while most of us associate this with getting older and all that comes with it, the fact of the matter is that a lack of testosterone is a culprit to making us feel this way.

The body may be shutting down your supply of testosterone, and you can jumpstart the process all on your own

As we get older, our bodies move out of the prime age of our life in our early to late 20s, and we become a shell of our former selves. Slowing down a step or two is relatively normal as we get older, as is the loss of deep passions and enjoyment that we used feel. This is all because our body and our brain is sending signals to the necessary systems like the thyroid to slow down and hit the brakes on the production of testosterone.

So what do we need? Probably testosterone. With the help of modern medicine and science, we are able to reboot the system, open the floodgates, and enjoy all of the benefits that increased testosterone has to offer. There is a dedicated and regimented system of testosterone therapy that we can leverage to get our old selves back, and in some cases even feel better than we did when we were 25.

The major components to a proper testosterone therapy system

Before we move any further explication of what is testosterone, I just want to outline that there are major differences between testosterones, and you’re going to learn about the low and the dangerous and sometimes deadly and tactics that your favorite elite athletes have been abusing to win sporting events in recent times. Using these following supplements under the close personal watch of a professional medical expert is markedly different then going willy-nilly with just about anything hoping to produce a couple more home runs or winning other Tour de France.

Testosterone Cypionate:

Probably the most effective testosterone supplement in the world, the same component used by elite bodybuilders, athletes, the world over. Far stronger than any other testosterone supplement on the market today, and is probably the number one solution for boosting anyone’s test results right away. Especially for its very inexpensive price, this is a powerful drug that you need to leverage only with the careful monitoring and the okay from a licensed medical professional who understands the benefits and risks of testosterone therapy treatment. If you’re looking to become the man you used to be in record time, the odds are good that you will experience these results rapidly and effectively.

Testosterone Enanthate:

Another of the injectable ester of testosterone, Testosterone Enanthate is one of the more commonly used solutions to boost your body’s production of testosterone in a testosterone therapy setting. Known as a depot injection throughout the medical industry, the way it works is to first get injected into the body, pull up together, and then slowly be converted into testosterone over time. Testosterone Enanthate is the average man’s solution to testosterone. And, unless you are trying to build muscular mass you would still take Testosterone Enanthate over Testosterone Cypionate.

More commonly used in testosterone therapy treatments than the test supplement above, you’ll find that Testosterone is much less expensive while retaining much of the effectiveness. A highly regulated substance in the United States, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting the real deal when you decide to leverage Testosterone Enanthate. Depending upon your specific testosterone levels, you will probably receive injections of Testosterone every 2 to 3 weeks for the initial treatment and then every 3 to 6 weeks for maintenance. Quite a difference between testosterone Enanthate and testosterone Cypionate, isn’t it?

Medical procedure or change that will impact your short and long term health, you’ll need to make sure that you do not leverage testosterone Cypionate and testosterone Enanthate compounds without first consulting medical professionals and experts in the field of hormone replacement and testosterone there be. There could be very real and dangerous medical consequences should you ignore this warning, but with the proper assistance from the right doctors you’ll be able to enjoy a newfound lease on life unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. If you would like to speak to a doctor from our anti-aging clinic about testosterone Cypionate and testosterone Enanthate supplements and injectables, click here to contact us, or look for a clinic in your area here. There are many testosterone therapy clinics in the U.S. such as Los Angeles, Dallas & Austin, Houston, and more!