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You Can Help Your Body Through The Change With Natural Supplements

Most hormone supplements work well for women who are dealing with postpartum or perimenopausal symptoms. No matter which kind you decide to use, whether in pill form supplements or in dietary changes that include vitamin and mineral supplements, you should talk to your doctor before starting any regimen to aid your hormonal symptoms.

Use hormone balancing supplements

Women who are postpartum or peri- menopausal suffer from lower estrogen and progesterone. The see-saw symptoms include hot-flashes, rashes, low sex drive, emotional upheaval and depression. Although there are synthetic hormone supplements available, it is not recommended due to risks to the heart and increase cancer risks as well.

I am just entering that phase in my life and it is not fun at all and I regret ever laughing at my mother when she experienced “the change”. Rather than take supplements I have elected to try natural ways to boost my “E”, or at the very least keep my hormones in better balance.

Keeping it simple actually works

I keep my stress level on the down-low. If something is grating on me, I put it off until I can deal with it better. Sleep has become my friend again after staying up all hours in my 20s. I sleep in a dark room to encourage melatonin production so that my sleep is deeper. I eat whole foods and stay away from pre-packaged foods. I exercise in the sun to boost my sense of well-being and keep my heart healthy.

Dietary supplements help hormones

The best hormone supplements for women are contained in food and vitamin supplements. There is no real need to get into hormone replacement therapy unless these other tricks failed after you gave them a try.

Soy products actually mimic estrogen in women. You can get plenty of soy by either eating edamame directly or you can drink soy milk or use soy oil. Soy is also an antioxidant that helps reduce cancer risks, so that is a bonus to keep in mind.

Dong Quai grows naturally in China. It also mimics estrogen. The known side effects are sun sensitivity and stomach cramping; therefore you should only use dong quai after you have discussed it with your doctor.

Herbal supplements are available OTC and cost less the HRT

Endocrine-systemHerbal supplements like saw palmetto, dandelion, motherwort, wild yam, or blessed thistle appear to help effectively balance hormones in women who suffer from PMS. You may be able to help your pituitary gland produce growth hormones better with Chaste Tree Berry.

High quality vitamins and minerals that contain vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and the full spectrum of B complex vitamins also help balance hormones naturally.

Help your body as it goes through “the change” in ways you can find naturally in the foods you eat and by simply taking better care of your body. You took care of your kids and your spouse for years. Now it is time to take care of you with the same care you gave them with hormone supplements.

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