Testosterone Cypionate Treatment

There are many treatment options for young men that lack testosterone, one of them being Testosterone Cypionate. This testosterone replacement therapy allows a young man to get the proper amount of testosterone in his body to grow at a normal rate. This type of therapy can be done at home or in the doctor’s office. It comes in the form of an injection that is placed into the buttocks, but never into the veins. This therapy is usually performed once a week for up to four weeks. The dosage is based upon the medical condition, testosterone levels, and response of the user.

How can Testosterone Cypionate help young men

Most adolecents aged thirteen to fourteen begin to produce lots of testosterone during puberty. In this time muscle mass increases, the voice gets deeper, shoulders get broader and the shoulders widen. All of these symptoms are a side effect of the changes going on within the average male’s body. For some young men puberty produces no noticeable changes in strength, muscle mass or masculinity. In these cases they may be placed on testosterone therapy to kick start their puberty into manhood. Testosterone is an androgen that is produced by the testes of a man. This hormone works by affecting a number of different functions in the male body causing it to grow and become stronger.

Testosterone Cypionate: At home usage

If a user decides to take this testosterone at home, then it is advised that they fully understand how to take it correctly. Ask the doctor multiple times to explain the procedure if it does not make sense. Before taking the medication it is important to check the quality of the serum you are about to inject. Check for any discoloration or any other particles that may be found within it. If you notice anything funny or strange do not take this serum and contact your doctor immediately.

It is advised for you to learn proper techniques for keeping the serum fresh during storage. Improper storage can lead to severe problems injecting the serum into your body. Make use of a calendar to remind you when and how much of the serum to take. You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you discontinue usage of this serum. Your body will no longer make any of its own testosterone because it is getting a steady supply of it from the serum. You may experience weakness, tiredness as well as irritability and depression because of the withdrawal of it.

Like all drugs there is a chance of side effects with usage. Things such as: decreased or increased sexual desire, skin color changes, blotches

vision and hair loss may occur. If these conditions begin to progress it is important that you contact a doctor immediately. With the help of Testosterone Cypionate a young man can live a normal life and be ushered into manhood. These testosterone therapy products can be taken both at home as well as in the doctor’s office, if desired. It is important that the proper amount is taken during the prescribed days to prevent serious ailments.


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