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Testosterone Enanthate as a Testosterone Alternative

Testosterone Enanthate: One of your choices

testosterone-enanthateTestosterone Enanthate is a testosterone replacement serum that can be injected either in the comfort of your home or in a doctor’s office. Serum concentrations will rise within your body days after being injected. It will remain at its most elevated state for up to fourteen days of injection. This is the most popular testosterone replacement drug to combat the effects of Hypogonadism. Hypogonadism can dent the effects of testosterone on your body causing you to feel sluggish, tired and irritable. With the help of Testosterone Enanthate you can begin feeling like your old self again. Since this drug is long lasting you do not have to constantly re inject yourself days on end.

This testosterone is amazingly potent and effective. It is prized for its muscle building and fat burning effects by many bodybuilders. For

bodybuilders, it reduces the amount of time needed to recover after a grueling workout, so they can return to the gym sooner. It also maximizes all of your calories by converting them into energy instead of storing them as fat.

Aging Men and Testosterone Enanthate

For many men getting older also means losing some of the drive, vigor and libido that they once had. Many men fear getting older because of this and search for ways to get that old swagger back in their lives. With the help of different types of testosterone therapies (which includes testosterone enanthate) a man in his late forties can feel the kind of prowess of a man in his twenties. These therapies can be done in the doctor’s office or at home depending on the type chosen, and can help a man gain muscle mass. Different treatments are available in various forms including, gels, creams, injections and patches.

The Job of Testosterone in the body.

Testosterone plays a major role in the body, but especially so for men who have somewhere between 8-10 times the testosterone of women. As a young adult this hormone helps men successfully go through puberty. During puberty the young man’s shoulder width increases, his voice deepens, his libido increases and facial hair begins developing. Testosterone is produced by the testes and is secreted into the body, helping to regulate sexual functions. Testosterone is at its height during adolescence and during a man’s 20’s, beginning to slowly drop off starting in the early 30’s.

Effects of Low Testosterone in Aging men

Around a man’s early thirties, testosterone begins to fall at about one percent every year. Around this age men may begin to experience a lack of desire to have sex and perform in activities that they once found enjoyable. You may notice that you no longer have erections early in the morning and that it is a struggle to fall asleep at night. These are a

few signs of a low testosterone levels. It is very important to remember that some of these effects are just the effects of your body getting older. Your doctor may recommend some type of testosterone treatment to help you recover some of your old energy and drive.

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