BCAA is comprised of nine important amino acids – three of which include valine, isoleucine and leucine – the body does not produce and must get from the diet.  These three important amino acid are known as branched-chain amino acids due to their molecular structures being branched.

BCAAs are not like other amino acids, which go to the liver and are broken down. They are actually metabolized as lean body mass tissue. For that reason, they can help people increase their exercise and workout performances and decreasing the breakdown rate of the lean body mass.

A supplement of BCAA can help with the lean body mass protein synthesis process and boost a person’s lean muscle mass if they follow a low protein diet. According to one study, valine and leucine were noted as a reason that mice lost a significant amount of body weight.  Both valine and leucine have been found to help with muscle tissue via a reduction in degradation and rise in protein synthesis.

A BCAA supplement has been found highly effective in keeping athletes and extremely physically active individuals from feeling fatigue and, as it stops the decrease in serum BCAA that can occur during exercise.

A drop in serum BCAA levels can lead to a rise in tryptophan in the brain, which then causes a rise in the serotonin production that leads to excessive tiredness.

Leucine plays a huge role in muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine also has a huge role by telling cells it must store more glycogen. Valine works both of the BCAAs to help with body tissue repair, blood sugar level regulation and normal growth. Valine works to improve the central nervous system and is necessary for healthy mental function.



This BCAA is known most for its role in bettering endurance, improving blood clotting to injury sites and repairing lean tissue. Studies show it may improve one’s energy and recovery process – important to athletic individuals. A deficiency in this BCAA could lead to several health problems

  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Irritability



This BCAA works in conjunction with the other two in repairing lean muscle mass, improve energy levels and regulating the blood sugar level. It’s also be reported as momentarily increasing the growth hormone production.

L-Leucine is highly effective in averting any possible lean body mass loss due to the metabolizing of glucose quicker than valine or isoleucine. Higher glucose levels in the body stop the body from breaking down the lean muscle mass it may try to grab during high-intensity exercise.

It’s also been shown to help with the healing process of lean body mass tissue, skin and bones after a serious injury. For that reason, doctors often give it in nutritional support to aid people in their post-surgery recovery.



This BCAA is great in the elimination of additional nitrogen stored in the liver and moving it to other areas in the body. Studies show that it’s a great nutritional support to people with gallbladder or liver disease due to drug or alcohol abuse. Oher studies have been conducted to see if valine could help reverse any brain damage due to alcohol.


6 Frequently Asked Questions About BCAAs?


What Precautions Should Users Be Aware Of?

  • The recent research shows that daily BCAA consumption that leads to an excessive amount in the body is not harmful to humans. However, oral consumption is large amount can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.


Who Are Advised Not To Use BCAA?

  • Anyone diagnosed with Maple Sugar Urine Disease is urged not to take the BCAA injection, as they do not have an important enzyme that can break it down. Anybody with ALS should also not use BCAA as it can lead to lung failure and premature death.


Are There Any Side Effects With The Medication?

  • There have been no reported side effects of taking the recommended BCAA dosage.


What’s The Best Way To Take BCAA?

  • BCAAs are best taken through an injection in the muscles or orally.


How To Handle Missed Doses?

  • If you missed a dose, take it as soon as you remember it. If your next dose is close, just take one dose – not two at the same time.


How Should This Medicine Be Stored?


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