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Beware of Anti-Aging Clinics with fake Treatment and Medicine

Beware of Anti-Aging Clinics with fake Treatment and Medicine

Growing old is a scary thing for many baby boomers, and many often seek out treatments and specialists to help them with their lack of energy, increasing weight, and other age-related symptoms. Enter the fake anti aging clinic. These clinics are popping up everywhere promising to help those who are growing older to regain the strength, energy, and libido they had in their younger years. While there are many doctors who have received the training and education required to treating the elderly and those with endocrinology related issues, many of the doctors employed by anti aging clinics do not. Instead, they prey on people who are growing older, and sell them expensive treatments that will supposedly help them erase the years from their bodies.

Many anti aging clinics do this by prescribing and administering growth hormone injections and other hormone concoctions. The problem is, there are very few doctors who are actually certified in these treatments. One of the most popular treatments in anti aging clinics is growth hormone injections, and many of these are often administered illegally.

Another issue with anti aging clinics is that many of the treatments they use, including the fake hgh injections hgh can be dangerous. There have been many cases of patients who turned to an anti aging clinic in an effort to regain their youth, only to end wasting their money.

Another popular treatment available at anti aging clinics is hormone replacement for women. While there are pills and creams that are available that are approved by the FDA, many of the doctors in anti aging clinics rely on compounding medications to create formulas they believe are tailored to the individual patient. These compounds are not approved by the FDA, so their efficacy and safety are not proven or regulated. In one study of compounded medications, the FDA found that 43% of those that were tested did not actually contain the substances they were reported as containing. This means that patients are potentially not even getting the medications they were prescribed, and they could be opening themselves up to dangerous side effects.

If you are considering an anti aging clinic, there are some things you can look for to help you choose one that may be safer than others
You should avoid any anti aging clinic that claims it can completely stop or reverse the process of aging.
The American Board of Medical Specialties is the entity that provides certification for physicians; anti aging and age management medicine is not recognized by them so doctors cannot be board certified in this area.

Growth hormone is legalized only to be administered by a certified physician.

Hormone imbalances can only be detected through blood tests, not saliva or cheek swabs.
There are anti aging clinics that use approved therapies, or have certified endocrinologists, geriatricians, and gynecologists on staff. These are the best options for anyone who is considering treatments for age related issues to ensure their health and safety. At H&H Longevity, we have all the required staff and knowledge to help you get your youth and energy back.

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