What is Low-T

low t centers plano houston txAt H&H Longevity Center, Low-T is the name used to talk about low testosterone in men. Testosterone is a word that we are all familiar with. In popular culture, we use “testosterone” to talk about how men act or how they seem different, sometimes, from women. You have probably heard a friend say, at one time or another, “Wow, there is lot’s of testosterone in this room.” And testosterone is very important to men.

Testosterone is produced in the testicles; basically the male brain gives the word to the testicles and they produce the testosterone. This manly material affects the desire and the ability to have sexual intercourse, one’s mood and level of energy, and how lean one’s body mass is. It is a hormone with lots to offer.

Low-T is fairly common among the male population. The informative Website lowt.com reports that up to 5 million American men suffer with low-T. If we look at men over 45 years of age, we see that 39% have low-T. So more American men than there are citizens of Toronto, Canada, have low-T.

How is this affecting them?

Unfortunately, a man with low-T may experience a decreased energy level, a loss in the ability to focus on specific tasks, depressive feelings, a decrease in body hair, and hot flashes. He may also find that his muscle mass is shrinking, as is his bone density and testicle size.

Low-T has also been associated with kidney problems, diabetes, and problems with blood tissues. Low-T, it must be said, can really shake up a man’s world, though not in a positive way.

How is low t treatment?

Fortunately, there are treatments that have shown positive results in treating low-T. Let’s look at the most popular options.

Transdermal patch

Much like a nicotine patch, the transdermal patch is applied directly on to the skin. The usual treatment involves applying two patches per day. This patch directly increases the testosterone levels.

Topical gel also known as Testosterone gels or testosterone creams

A gel can be directly to the skin everyday; this gel will bring up testosterone levels in a male body. It is important that others, like a wife, girlfriend, or child not make direct skin-to-skin contact with this gel as it will irritate and maybe inflame their skin.

Intramuscular injection also known as low testosterone injections

Some men with low-T opt for an injection of testosterone about every two weeks. This does, obviously, involve a trip to the doctor’s office. Although it might seem cumbersome, it is known to be the most effective method.

Testosterone pellets

The treatment that lasts the longest time, after application, is testosterone pellets. These pellets are placed under the skin near the testicles and are left in place for about 4 months. A doctor implants the pellets.

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to the treatment of low-T. One of the biggest hurdles to men getting access to effective treatment is that they do not see a doctor to report the symptoms they have been experiencing.

One of the more noticeable symptoms of low-T is a decrease in the desire to have sex and/or the ability to have sex. Although the situation is slowly changing, men have traditionally been reluctant to speak about sexual issues, even within the realm of the doctor’s office.

Recent educational efforts have been made to encourage men to seek advice and treatment for low-T. Raising testosterone levels can be done in noninvasive ways and the benefits of doing so far outweigh any downsides.

Men who have undergone treatment for low–T report improvements in their energy levels, a lifting of depressive thoughts, a sharpening of their ability to focus, a reduction in hot flashes, and an increase in sex drive.

Where can I find a Low-T Center Near me?

This is a question often asked by our patients looking for low t treatment. The good news is that there are legitimate and certified low-t centers all over the US. At H&H Longevity, we strive to deliver you to the best doctors. So please fill the form below to get in touch with a professional today. There are many Low-T Centers in the US: Low T Center Plano TX, Low T Center Denver, Low T Center Katy, Low T Center Houston, Low T Center Dallas, Low T Center Southlake, Low-T Center Los Angeles and Low T Center Colorado, also click here for more low t center locations.




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