Hello, here is a remarkable patient Fact. Robert L, started therapy in October 3rd (Prescribed 2 Cyp. 250mg 10ml, 3 5000 unit H.C.G. 20 11MG. Tamoxafin citrate, 16 .5mg Anastrozle, 1 Ultra Slim shot, & 30 Clomid). Using 1.5cc a week testosterone a week, 200units H.C.G. a day, 1 11mg Tamoxafin citrate a day, 1cc Ultra Slim Shot 3 x a week, 1 .5mg Anastrozle a week, With Clomid used for 10 days every 10 weeks HE LOST A TOTAL OF 48LBS. BY APRIL 8TH. That is weight loss fact not fiction