Humatrope HGH and Cost

humatrope-hgh-costHumatrope is a man-made chemical used to treat Growth Hormome Deficiency (GHD) in children. Around one in two hundred children will require treatment for GHD in their lives. Children who are born smaller than expected for the term of their mother’s pregnancy are monitored for their growth over the first few years of their lives. Most of them will catch up with their peers by the time they reach three years of age, but in the cases of those that don’t, a treatment of artificial growth hormone replacement therapy may be advised by a doctor or physician.

The pituitary gland is a small organ, about the size of a pea, which is located at the base of the brain. It is this gland that is responsible for the production of growth hormone. If the gland does not produce enough hormone, a child will not grow at the normal and expected rate of growth for a child of their age. Humatrope is an artificial growth hormone that is administered to children whose pituitary gland does not produce the needed quantity of natural growth hormone.

There are a few conditions that may result in the administration of Humatrope:

Idiopathic Short Stature

If the reason for a child’s short stature cannot be conclusively diagnosed, it is said they are suffering from Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS). A child is said to have ISS if they are shorter than 98.8% of children of the same age and sex. This is an indication that they are not growing at a rate that will enable them to attain normal adult height. Humatrope may be administered to help them grow at a normal rate

Turner Syndrome

Turner syndrome is a genetic illness that affect about 1 in every 2,000 females. It is due to the partial or complete absence of the second, sex-detemining chromosone. Male children cannot be affected by Turner syndrome. Humatrope may be recommended for children who are shorter than their peers because of Turner syndrome.

SHOX Deficiency

SHOX stands for short stature homeobox-containing gene. The SHOX gene is required for normal growth, and is usually present in both males and females. SHOX deficiency occurs when the SHOX gene is reduced, deleted or mutated. SHOX deficiency results in short stature, and Humatrope can be used to treat this

Occasionally, Humatrope may be prescribed to adults. Sometimes an adult’s pituitary gland may – for several reasons – stop producing growth hormone and they may end up with significantly less stature than their peers. It is a myth that adults stop growing once they have concluded puberty. Some females may continue to grow until they are 21, and males until they are 25. An adult’s pituitary gland may stop producing growth hormone due to pituitary disease, hypothalamic disease, radiation therapy, surgery, or some other kind of treatment. Sometimes an adult may have had childhood-onset growth hormone deficiency, but this deficiency was never detected. In such cases, a course of Humatrope may be prescribed into order to overcome the deficiency in the adult’s growth hormones.


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