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What is Cortisol and how it affects our Body

High and Low Cortisol Levels, and how to balance them. To get scientific, when a person is very stressed, the hippocampus (is a recipient of danger) gives the order to the hypothalamus to release a hormone related to stress (corticotropin) to work together with the pituitary gland to release (corticotropin), which in turn, secretes cortisol.

Pump your exercises with a Weight Vest

Using weighted vest can give much play in our training. And I’m not just talking about bodybuilding I speak in whatever is training to improve the different types of strength we can benefit from working with weight vest. It’s very interesting to train with a weight vest to increase load in exercises like push-ups, chin-ups or

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast with a Diet Plan

Food is one of the three pillars in sculpting the body. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscle or define your body, a balanced diet affects 80% of the results, and why it is given special importance. This means that if you are willing to eat a well balanced diet, but are lacking

Bio Musculoskeletal Pak and HGH Injections powerful mix

It has been a long road to recovery form a nagging back injury that has been lingering for practically 6 months. I have been trying to get back to the weight room but the back injury keeps festering. I have a herniated disc in my spine ( number 5 disc). I have had the injury for

The best 15 minute workout routine

3 Simple Exercises That Increase Testosterone Quickly and get you ripped! To start off, a technique that perfectly explains why athletes that run  short distances look completely ripped has to do with a simple work out plan. This applies to both men and women, so ladies don’t be afraid! You basically need 2 simple components: Very short and intense exercises A

All about carbohydrate cycling

When our workouts are an aesthetic goal, we generally like to keep the fat at bay and enjoy an aesthetic body for as long as possible. Today I will explain all about cycling carbohydrates. When the goal is to keep the fat at bay or attempt to gain muscle gaining the least fat, more importantly,

10 Reasons your Muscles aren’t growing

One of the most common goals for people to start in the world of fitness and gym is certainly to gain muscle, but surely we all know many people who go to the gym every day, no less than four days a week without little or no muscles. If you’re somebody who struggle to gain

Cant stay a sleep, adrenal fatigue

Sleeping problems come in combination as mine and others in our group found out. If having the problem of sleeping immediately after you eat, you might have a carbohydrate sensitivity.  Couple that with an additional problem of falling asleep but can’t stay asleep. Usually this is a thiamine and thiamine cofactor need.  Coined reactive hypoglycemia. 

Cytozyme-Trachea treating joint issues

My arthritis condition was treated using shark cartilage, although effective, at 70 grams a day it was debilitating my pocketbook. Add to that, I started to smell of an odor. One of the negative feedback of using shark cartilage is it prevents the growth of new capillary beds. An analogy is that shark cartilage can

Amino acid injections and fat burning

The Best way to loose weight during the summer is a combination of exercise, Hormone therapy, Diet,vitamin supplementation. When training in the summer heat you can definitely loose pounds fast. Summertime is one the best fat burning seasons, we like to use a lot of different therapies during summer to help burn the fat like

Taking Pain killers destroys your Testosterone levels

My back injury pain med use started 3 years ago, Opiates at first to handle pain , then sliding into abuse as addiction set in. At First physician prescribed meds.  I got to the point of trouble when I started seeking and getting non prescribed street meds. After $50,000 dollars worth of rehab, My expert

Vitamin Injection make a difference with energy, skin, Hair

My hernia operation which went smoothly but I wasn’t released from Hospital because I hadn’t pooped “yet.” I said to the nurse attending me, why was I still here? She frankly told about the ‘not pooping bit’ clause. Well the problem…and so I told her that if they would just feed me some real food

Melt away that Belly fat with Amino Acid injections

So I normally have a good diet , eat clean and do workout. You have to find out ask yourself why do men get pregnant? Yeah the belly fat just gets more,. Scrunch , sit ups running , cardio. Still belly fat, so testosterone helps, but just Not enough, Nope! Those pesky IM injections, to

Testosterone and clearing brian fog

How does this fly the fact that I am a 52 year old man who has been working 7 days per week as a superintendent for a huge construction imagine dead tired at my aged after a long days of work. I couldn’t even think straight Additionally, I had a foggy cognitive function throughout the

Testosterone, Hcg for Fertility

Recently Freddy a middle age married man diagnosed with low T , Was finding it difficult to keep a relationship with his wife in the bedroom. The doctor prescribed HRT and restored his testosterone levels to youth means. He now uses HRT regularly and maintains a great relationship, but being a childless couple , it

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