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Cant stay a sleep, adrenal fatigue

Sleeping problems come in combination as mine and others in our group found out. If having the problem of sleeping immediately after you eat, you might have a carbohydrate sensitivity.  Couple that with an additional problem of falling asleep but can’t stay asleep. Usually this is a thiamine and thiamine cofactor need.  Coined reactive hypoglycemia. 

Cytozyme-Trachea treating joint issues

My arthritis condition was treated using shark cartilage, although effective, at 70 grams a day it was debilitating my pocketbook. Add to that, I started to smell of an odor. One of the negative feedback of using shark cartilage is it prevents the growth of new capillary beds. An analogy is that shark cartilage can

Amino acid injections and fat burning

The Best way to loose weight during the summer is a combination of exercise, Hormone therapy, Diet,vitamin supplementation. When training in the summer heat you can definitely loose pounds fast. Summertime is one the best fat burning seasons, we like to use a lot of different therapies during summer to help burn the fat like

Taking Pain killers destroys your Testosterone levels

My back injury pain med use started 3 years ago, Opiates at first to handle pain , then sliding into abuse as addiction set in. At First physician prescribed meds.  I got to the point of trouble when I started seeking and getting non prescribed street meds. After $50,000 dollars worth of rehab, My expert

Vitamin Injection make a difference with energy, skin, Hair

My hernia operation which went smoothly but I wasn’t released from Hospital because I hadn’t pooped “yet.” I said to the nurse attending me, why was I still here? She frankly told about the ‘not pooping bit’ clause. Well the problem…and so I told her that if they would just feed me some real food

Melt away that Belly fat with Amino Acid injections

So I normally have a good diet , eat clean and do workout. You have to find out ask yourself why do men get pregnant? Yeah the belly fat just gets more,. Scrunch , sit ups running , cardio. Still belly fat, so testosterone helps, but just Not enough, Nope! Those pesky IM injections, to

Testosterone and clearing brian fog

How does this fly the fact that I am a 52 year old man who has been working 7 days per week as a superintendent for a huge construction imagine dead tired at my aged after a long days of work. I couldn’t even think straight Additionally, I had a foggy cognitive function throughout the

Testosterone, Hcg for Fertility

Recently Freddy a middle age married man diagnosed with low T , Was finding it difficult to keep a relationship with his wife in the bedroom. The doctor prescribed HRT and restored his testosterone levels to youth means. He now uses HRT regularly and maintains a great relationship, but being a childless couple , it

Excellent Results after just six weeks of testosterone replacement therapy

At age 31, At 6’3 and 185lbs John was concerned about his Physique since high school , being 35 and still at the same weight as HIGH School . His goal of getting to 230 lbs seemed no closer after using the standard diet of protein suppliments for years. Off the shelf Testosterone Precursers had

Notice a decline in muscle tissue

As a 55 year young physical therapist in the Orlando area. I am always using therapy on myself and others. The Nutraceutical protocol taken with the bioidentical hormones give me the strength and stamina. My own favorites are the bio anabolic packs and nutra greens. I feel so energetic. I used to seem like I

Weight loss fact or fiction

Hello, here is a remarkable patient Fact. Robert L, started therapy in October 3rd (Prescribed 2 Cyp. 250mg 10ml, 3 5000 unit H.C.G. 20 11MG. Tamoxafin citrate, 16 .5mg Anastrozle, 1 Ultra Slim shot, & 30 Clomid). Using 1.5cc a week testosterone a week, 200units H.C.G. a day, 1 11mg Tamoxafin citrate a day, 1cc

Experiencing Hcg diet with out the correct diet

Ok , so I go to a HCG Diet clinic, and start out with this 40 Day program. The crash diet to 500 calories, So I get to this clinic and get my Blood pulled and then get the diet and meds , lo and behold they tell me the first thing in the starting

HGH and repairing injuries

I had one choice after the MRI results came in. If I wanted to keep playing basketball, the doctor told me I needed to have surgery. I thought long and hard about my decision, I don’t like surgeries but I loved basketball. So I bought to my self I know their are other alternatives that

New technology for Ghrp2 Sermorelin Acetate injectable Pen system

New on the market is the Ghrp 2 Semorelin Acetate pen system . This pen system is excellent for the HGH user who wants a cost effective Pituitary Growth Hormone up -regulator. The new system is also very convenient in the sense it does not have to be refrigerated and is very portable, great for

Testosterone, Increase your mental focus, business and family life

Ron L .“I am an entrepreneur that has finally made it into the life of success. I have a very busy schedule and am non stop all day. Before testosterone therapy, during the day I felt very useless , my mind was very cloudy, and was tired all the time. These side effects of low

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