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About Vitamin B-12 Shots and Side Effects

Vitamin B-12 Shots: What You Need To Know Before Getting One Vitamin B-12 is what gives your body the fuel it needs to survive and thrive.  Foods with vitamin B-12 include fish, meat and dairy products, but come with a serious toxicity load. Many vegans and vegetarians find themselves vitamin B-12 deficient, which can be

Sermorelin HGH Therapy Benefits & Side Effects

Sermorelin Therapy Can Help Improve Natural Release Of Body’s Growth Hormone Sermorelin is one of several growth hormone releasing hormones. Its secretagogue ingredient works to fuel the production of another hormone. Sermorelin will naturally stimulate the body to boost its production HGH. To boost its effects, it can be used in conjunction with growth hormone

The Truth Behind the Testosterone Hormone – From Birth to Adulthood

Overview Testosterone is a steroid hormone, which plays a role in enhancing libido, regulation of sperm production and increase of muscle mass. It is also believed to have strong influence on human behavioral pattern, such as aggression, territorial behavior and the desire to show off masculine power. For a young person, a decrease in the

Average Testosterone Levels by Age – Men’s Guide

Testosterone Levels: How It Affects The Human Body from The Womb To Old Age Testosterone, it’s an extremely potent hormone that controls, regulates, boosts or influence a plethora of body functions such as sex drive, sperm production, energy, muscle mass and human behavior (think competitiveness and aggression). A drop in testosterone can also wreak havoc

My Bad experience with Ripped Muscle X

Ripped Muscle X is a supplement that claims that can help you grow your muscles get stronger quickly, easily eliminate fat, improve your energy levels naturally and maximize your sexual desire. Designed to provide rapid results, Ripped Muscle X works to increase energy levels and decrease body to speed up metabolism and digestion of fat

Elite Test 360 to kick start your muscle growth

We know about the news! With so much negative news in the press about scam supplements and top athletes getting caught taking banned supplements it is little wonder that you are wary of them. However, by choosing your supplements carefully and from a reputable source you can avoid the pitfalls of useless or even worse

Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Insulin, Cortisol and more

Everybody around me always asks the same question: how to reach muscle hypertrophy, and get a more athletic, toned body. Today at Bodytech we are going to talk about the hormones that be enable us to gain muscle. The word hormone comes from old Greek, and it is simply a molecule produced by the body that signals different

Testosterone & HGH Therapy in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose & more

Here is an extensive list of clinics in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, and other parts of California. These clinics will help you receive a professional yet affordable treatment. After speaking to one of our representatives about HRT, testosterone, human growth hormone (hgh) and Low T therapies, you will be forwarded to

Testosterone & HGH Therapy in Phoenix, Tucscon, Scottsdale & more

Here is an extensive list of clinics in Phoenix, Tuscon, Scottsdale, and other parts of Arizona. These clinics will help you receive a professional yet affordable treatment. After speaking to one of our representatives about HRT, testosterone, human growth hormone (hgh) and Low T therapies, you will be forwarded to an affiliated clinic for a

What is Cortisol and how it affects our Body

High and Low Cortisol Levels, and how to balance them. To get scientific, when a person is very stressed, the hippocampus (is a recipient of danger) gives the order to the hypothalamus to release a hormone related to stress (corticotropin) to work together with the pituitary gland to release (corticotropin), which in turn, secretes cortisol.

Pump your exercises with a Weight Vest

Using weighted vest can give much play in our training. And I’m not just talking about bodybuilding I speak in whatever is training to improve the different types of strength we can benefit from working with weight vest. It’s very interesting to train with a weight vest to increase load in exercises like push-ups, chin-ups or

How to Gain Muscle Mass Fast with a Diet Plan

Food is one of the three pillars in sculpting the body. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain muscle or define your body, a balanced diet affects 80% of the results, and why it is given special importance. This means that if you are willing to eat a well balanced diet, but are lacking

Bio Musculoskeletal Pak and HGH Injections powerful mix

It has been a long road to recovery form a nagging back injury that has been lingering for practically 6 months. I have been trying to get back to the weight room but the back injury keeps festering. I have a herniated disc in my spine ( number 5 disc). I have had the injury for

The best 15 minute workout routine

3 Simple Exercises That Increase Testosterone Quickly and get you ripped! To start off, a technique that perfectly explains why athletes that run  short distances look completely ripped has to do with a simple work out plan. This applies to both men and women, so ladies don’t be afraid! You basically need 2 simple components: Very short and intense exercises A

All about carbohydrate cycling

When our workouts are an aesthetic goal, we generally like to keep the fat at bay and enjoy an aesthetic body for as long as possible. Today I will explain all about cycling carbohydrates. When the goal is to keep the fat at bay or attempt to gain muscle gaining the least fat, more importantly,

Clinics for Testosterone Therapy & HGH Therapy